Labourer ordered to pay fine

A 34-year-old labourer has one month to pay the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court a $1,500 fine.

The amount, which carries an alternative eight-month prison sentence, was imposed on Dwayne Tyrone Williams, of Olivies Gap, Tudor Bridge, St Michael today.

He pleaded guilty to possession, possession with intent to supply and trafficking of 60 grammes of cannabis on January 22.

Law enforcement officers were in the Searles area of Tudor Bridge, St Michael when they found the illegal drug in Williams’ possession.

“I find that marijuana through a track this morning,” Williams reportedly told police at the time.

Today in the docks, Williams, who is known to the law courts, apologized before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant for his actions and asked that a fine or community service be imposed.

His wish for a fine was granted on the trafficking charge and he was reprimanded and discharged on the other two offences.

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