New wheels

Nature Fun Ranch gets a 15-seater Toyota vehicle

The Nature Fun Ranch has a new pair of wheels thanks to the Rotary Club of Barbados West and Nassco Limited.

Government also assisted in the duty-free purchase of the Toyota Hiace vehicle for $135,000.

It will assist in transporting students to and from the St Andrew-based ranch.

During this morning’s presentation, Nassco’s Managing Director Roger Hill said his company was pleased to support the work of the ranch, which he said continues to do excellent work with at-risk youth across Barbados.

“We are happy to be here today to present this vehicle to the Nature Fun Ranch. It is well deserved,” Hill said, while pointing out that the vehicle was fully equipped, comfortable and suitable for the task at hand.

“It is one of the widely used vehicles for ZR vans and the tourist industry and so on and so forth. The quality on the vehicle is excellent, [as] it can transport 15 people at a time, and basically what the ranch will be doing is collecting their guys on mornings and delivering them back on afternoons,” he explained.

Director of Nature Fun Ranch Corey Layne thanked the three contributing entities, while pointing out that the ranch had been trying to obtain a vehicle for nearly two decades.

“We would have been looking at getting a vehicle from our inception some 19 years ago. But our first attempt would have been ten years ago, or 18 years ago, with the late Prime Minister David Thompson, and we would have gone to many other companies. . . [but] not only did [these entities] facilitate the process, they made it a lot easier by discounting the vehicle and helping us along the road to pay for the vehicle,” Layne said.

He was joined by his deputy Anderson Gill in welcoming the donation.

In fact, Gill said: “I feel good about the donation. It helps a lot in terms of transportation because we [previously had] to do a lot of trips with one or two cars . . . going up and down [to transport the students attending the ranch]”.

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  1. Brenda Paris
    Brenda Paris January 19, 2018 at 10:16 pm

    Congrats on these huge achievement!


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