Gittens ordered to stay away from primary school

A 36-year-old Christ Church man, who pleaded guilty to loitering on the premises of St Lawrence Primary on January 18, 2018, has been ordered to keep away from the school.

Appearing in the District ‘A’ Court, Junior Antonio Gittens told Magistrate Douglas Frederick that he was waiting for a friend to go fishing that morning when he was found by a security guard sleeping on some desks at the school.

“It is a little misdemeanour. I don’t understand why I was brought here,” Gittens protested.

However, pointing to his criminal record, Frederick responded saying, “it is because you are an old thief that is why the people don’t want you around their place. Anyhow I will give you chance,” he added before convicting, reprimanding and discharging (CRD) the defendant.

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