A fallen star

The entertainment fraternity is once again in a state of mourning after the sudden passing of De Big Show’s Charmaine Stuart.

It was one week ago, in this Barbados TODAY Wednesday issue, I wrote a tribute for another industry comrade who passed. My least expectation was having to write another so soon.

Now, it hits even closer to home.

Charmaine Stuart was a beautiful person, both inside and out. She was a source of inspiration for many. Always willing to go beyond her call of duty, her constant effort was to ensure everyone surrounding her was happy.

It was my first year competing in the Pic-O-De-Crop when I did not make the semi-finals. The first call I received the morning after results were announced was from Charmaine. In a high spirited voice, she said “Congratulations”.

Surprised, I informed her that I did not advance to the second stage and she said “I know, but you were great so you deserve to be congratulated”. It is this encounter with her that stuck with me most.

Charmaine always wore a pleasant smile, whilst she diligently executed her tasks as a team member of De Big Show. Her humble demeanor made her one of the most approachable persons when any cast or fellow team member had concerns or challenges.

Often, the efforts of those who work behind the show curtains go unrecognized. Charmaine was truly a pillar to De Big Show cast and team. Her commitment as a manager ensured the weekly success of the tent’s production. She wore many hats including House Manager, Finance and Marketing Manager. Shoes like hers cannot easily be filled.

Charmaine’s friend, TV Producer and actress Peta Alleyne said “God didn’t allow me to have siblings, but he gave me sisters of the heart”. She added “I’ve lost my baby sis and I am lost”.

Biggie Irie echoed these sentiments last Friday saying “This awful news hit me so hard last night I couldn’t function. Charmaine was the back bone for De Big Show”. Like most on her Facebook page, Biggie Irie said Charmaine’s bubbly personality would be missed.

Though longstanding cast members TC, Red Plastic Bag, Gabby, Serenader, Nathalee, Mac Fingall, and Mistah Dale among the many other artistes will miss Charmaine, we remember most her family. Her daughter Jada was the key to her heart. Those who observed their interaction knew the genuine mother and daughter love they shared.

Matter of a fact, little Jada often became a helping hand around the calypso tent. Her nephews Jacob and Joshua were equally loved, and were embraced as her own children after her sister’s passing last year.

Veteran calypsonian, Adonijah, penned in one of his songs “A falling star, no matter how bright, will never light up the night again”. Though, not an on-stage-act, Charmaine was truly a star.

What will always remain with us, is the beauty that radiated within her. Until we meet again, Charmaine, may you find rest, our fallen star.

Source: by Jamal Slocombe

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