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Bajans in Washington donate to CDEMA and CSF

Two regional organizations have received donations of $10,000 each from the Barbados Association of Washington DC Area Inc.

They are the Caribbean Science Foundation (CSF) – whose mission is to assist with the diversification of the economies of the region by harnessing science and technology for economic development, and to help raise the standard of living – and the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency, which focuses on regional disaster management.

The monies, which were raised during the Spirit of Barbados Gala held by the US-based Barbadian association last November, were presented during a brief ceremony held at The Crane Beach Resort today.

Barbados’ Ambassador to United States Selwin Hart said the donation to the CSF was based on the desire to support an organization that was having “a transformative impact on the lives of young Caribbean people”.

Moreover, the ambassador said “they wanted to support an organization that was giving back to the young Caribbean people and was helping to [develop] a new generation of Caribbean leaders.”

Following the impact of the last season’s hurricanes on the Caribbean, he said the association also decided to make a donation to CDEMA to assist with its disaster management efforts throughout the region.

In accepting the monies on behalf of the regional disaster relief agency, Deputy Executive Director Elizabeth Riley pointed out that 2017 was an unprecedented year within the CDEMA system as they were faced with three category five systems in close succession “affecting almost the same geographical zone within our CDEMA system.

“And with the changing climate, I think we need to bear in mind the types of extremes that we saw with hurricanes Irma, Maria and Josè. These have the potential to become more common,” she warned.

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