Leacock accused of starting fire at apartment

Mark Richardo Leacock’s family has a major decision to make over the next 28 days.

The 29-year-old man, of Husbands Crescent, St Michael, is accused of destroying perfumes, a three-piece sofa set, a television, a microwave, cosmetics, a room divider and mattress belonging to Ramona Clarke by fire on August 19.

Leacock is further charged with damaging by fire, without lawful excuse, an apartment belonging to Roosevelt Busby.

Leacock, who was not required to plead to the charges, was transferred to HMP Dodds last September after spending three weeks at the Psychiatric Hospital where he was assessed by doctors.

When he appeared before Magistrate Douglas Frederick today, the prosecutor Station Sergeant Neville Reid said the Crown was not yet in a position to proceed with the case.

This prompted an application for bail from Leacock’s attorney Dr Waldo Ramsay.

In response, the prosecutor said he had no objection to bail once Leacock had someone to take full responsibility for his well being, as his psychiatric report had said that he needed “very close supervision”.

After a prospective surety was presented, the magistrate warned that taking responsibility for Leacock was a “significant task to undertake”. He further explained the seriousness of the charges brought against Leacock and questioned whether the
surety was still willing to post $10,000 bail required.

“I thought it was just half of the apartment that he burn down, not the entire thing,” the prospective surety responded saying, adding that he would need some time to think about the situation and to have a meeting with Leacock’s family on the way forward.

The accused was therefore remanded until February 9.

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