Bishop accused of theft and assault

A 62-year-old man has been remanded to prison on theft and assault charges.

This after the Crown expressed concern that Neville Anthony Bishop, of no fixed place of abode, could be difficult to locate if he absconds from court.

However, Bishop maintained that while he lived on the street, he was easy to find.

“I sleep out by the library. That’s my resting place. I am homeless [and] I am a handsome guy, so they will find me,” he said.

However, he will have to spend the next 28 days at Dodds prison on a charge of assaulting Vernon McConney and stealing $300 cash from him on November 28

He pleaded not guilty to the charges telling Magistrate Douglas Frederick that he would prefer being sent to the Psychiatric Hospital as “ I can’t handle prison, that not for me”.

However, the magistrate said he would revisit the issue of bail if Bishop could have a surety present when his case is called again on February 6.

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