Trotman remanded to Dodds on loitering charge

Despite allegedly being caught red-handed and with 29 previous conviction against his name, Livingston McDonald Trotman of White Hall Main Road, St Michael today put on a stout defence to a charge of loitering on the premises of Confectionary and Snacks Barbados Limited.

However, he did not do enough to convince Magistrate Douglas Frederick that he should be set free, and as a result Trotman will spend the next 28-days at HMP Dodds, having been remanded until February 5.

Prosecutor Sergeant Theodore McClean told the court that the 47-year-old Trotman had broken into, and was found asleep in, a truck on the compound, with snacks scattered around him.

Trotman challenged the validity of the charge saying that he lived in the area and the snack shop was “right up the road”.

“These snacks were in a skip and were being thrown away. I did not break into anything. The skip was small and some of the snacks was on the outside. The rain was falling so I went into the truck,” he argued.

However, the magistrate denied his bail application, telling the accused he could better understand Trotman’s point if he had been found inside the skip.

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  1. Mark Rosmar January 12, 2018 at 8:19 am

    29 convictions. Will he ever learn?


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