It’s all Blue at St Giles

Blue ‘Adams’ House are champions for a second consecutive year, tallying 373 points, as St Giles Primary were first out the blocks for the 2018 track and field season at the National Stadium today.

Blue ‘Adams’ House are champions for a second consecutive year. (Pictures by Morissa Lindsay)
Blue ‘Adams’ House’s Tania Applewhaite (second left) came second behind her twin sister Tia in the Under-11 Girls Division.

The race was on between Blue House, edging their way to victory over main rivals Brewster ‘Yellow’ House, who were on a mission to secure the title they relinquished last year but fell short yet again with 355 points to finish in the second position.

Four-time victrix ludorum, J’Nia Edwards tallied 44 points in the Under-13 Girls Division for Green ‘Cumberbatch’ House, as they totalled 328 for third position, followed by Red ‘Parris’ House with a distant 216 in fourth place.

Tyresha Clarke of Yellow ‘Brewster’ House won the Under-13 Girls 200m ahead of four-time victrix ludorum, J’Nia Edwards of Green ‘Cumberbatch’ House.


Edwards, the Under-11 Girls Division champion at the National Primary Schools Athletics Championship in the James Wedderburn zone last year, won the Under-13 400m and cricket ball throw with a distance of 36.69m today.

However, Edwards had to settle for second in the 100m and 200m sprint having been beaten in both events by Tyresha Clarke of Yellow House.

The victor ludorum hailed from Yellow House thanks to a short fellow by the name of Rokeem King in the Under-9 Boys age group. King ruled the track as he made an outstanding contribution of 40 points for his house by winning the 80m, 100m and 200m, and threw a distance of 25.59m with the cricket ball.

Victor ludorum Rokeem King of Yellow ‘Brewster’ House dominated the Under-nine Boys age group and even had his own support team.

Yellow House dominated the Under-9 category as Atara Bootman topped the girls with 26 points. She won the 80m and was second in the 100m and 200m.

Part of Blue Houses’ success today had to do with the overall dominance in both the Under-11 male and female division. The Applewhaite twins, Tia and Tania, two familiar names in local track and field were unstoppable as only two points separated them for first and second place honours as Division queens.

Tia earned 28 points and Tania 26 with the latter managing to win just one event which was the 300m while Tia ran away with victories in the 600m open, along with the 100m and 200m in which her sister followed through for second place.

In the boys’ equivalent, Javier Norville with his long strides down the stadium track slammed the field for a well-deserved 31 points, winning the 100m, 200m and 300m.

Meanwhile, Kevin Webster, also of Blue House, accounted for 30 points and was way too fast for the other competitors in the race to catch him in the Under-13 Boys 100m, 200m and 400m.

2 Responses to It’s all Blue at St Giles

  1. Dianne Griffith
    Dianne Griffith January 11, 2018 at 8:45 pm

    Well done blue houe napsac here are your winners again champion of champions here are your champions 2018

  2. Shakira Haynes
    Shakira Haynes January 11, 2018 at 9:01 pm

    Congratulations to Adams house on a job well-done indeed. One correction though, they’ve held the title for the third year running not two.


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