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2 Mile Hill releases new single

After an extraordinarily successful run during December with Mahalia’s Corner, local band, 2 Mile Hill, is beginning the new year with a fresh sound for their loyal listeners and the release of their latest single, Conversation.

Known for their perfect blend of pop, hip hop, soul and Caribbean energy, the group is debuting a sultry and sexy track which will have listeners shaken. Written by lead vocalist Mahalia Cummins and produced by Black Man Chant, the production company of 2 Mile Hill musical director and keyboardist Andre Clarke, the infectious dancehall track addresses takes on the topic of sex, namely casual relationships or ‘booty calls’, from the female perspective.

“It is looking at the more primal side of human connection, so every relationship that you have isn’t going to be romantic and nice, and sometimes you just kind of want a booty call,” Mahalia explained to Bajan Vibes.

“This is 2018, we are strong women, we don’t pretend, we don’t need to be demure . . . we can be sexual, we can own our sexuality so Conversation is kind of a look at female sexuality and the realities of how we can be,” she added.

The singer/songwriter disclosed that the song was created during a collaborative songwriting session with the other members of the group.

“It just came about from the beat that Andre started when we were in the writing session. It was just really sultry and really Caribbean and also really sexy, so the song just evolved from that,” Mahalia said.

This unconventional decision by the band is not a rebranding but rather an exploration of what is to come as they mature personally and professionally.

From humble beginnings as college students who played covers in St Lawrence Gap, the group has been embraced by the Barbadian public and internationally, sharing the stage with stars such as Erykah Badu, Wyclef Jean, and Damian Marley to name a few.

“The music . . .  reflected where we were and our journey and now there is a refocusing on home, Barbados, Barbadian accents and Barbadiana in general and taking that specifically to the rest of the world and showing that nobody can do Caribbean music like Caribbean people so the music has a very Caribbean core and now it is impossible to overlook,” Mahalia said.

“Previously in our music, there would always been Caribbean elements but they wouldn’t have been at the forefront, but now it is going to be impossible for someone to listen to a 2 Mile Hill song and not realize that it is a Caribbean group,” she added.

With their successful formula of fusing Caribbean and North American rhythms, listeners are in for a treat, following the launch of Conversation which was scheduled for earlier today, Wednesday, January 10.

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