TRINIDAD – Teen was target

Cops go after new leads in Joshua’s killing

PORT OF SPAIN – The investigation into Monday’s incident in which 15-year-old schoolboy Joshua Andrews and “PH” driver Devon Fernandez were killed and their bodies burnt while trying to escape has made a twist suggesting that Andrews may have been the target.

Investigating officers said according to new information reaching them, Andrews was part of a gang and was believed to have been involved in a shooting that occurred on Sunday night where 37-year-old Andrei Pereira was killed.

It is said that two other young men escaped injuries in that shooting.

One of the men, who escaped, did a video message on Monday where he threatened the person he believed “tried to kill” him on Sunday night.

The man in the video, who was seen smoking, what looked like a marijuana joint, waved a gun and said, “I kill them when I hold them.” Police believe that the video is linked to Andrews’ murder.

Officers were also told that two of Andrews’ relatives— a woman and a man, are currently in prison charged with two separate murders. One of the murders occurred in February 2017.

Speaking with the T&T Guardian yesterday, a close relative of Andrews said she visited the Golden Grove Women’s Prison in Arouca to inform his close female relative that he had been killed.

“It did not go well with her. It was the first time she heard of it and I did not feel good telling her,” the relative who visited the prison said. An autopsy revealed that Andrews died from gunshot injuries.

When told what new information the police were looking at Andrews’ relative said that in no way he was involved in Sunday night’s shooting,

“He (referring to Andrews) in a gang? . . . . But he was home by 10 p.m. (Sunday) and no he didn’t go anywhere . . . he was home.”

Yesterday morning, police officers acting on instructions from assistant commissioner of police Irwin Hackshaw went into the Trou Macaque, Laventille area where they made several arrests in connection with Andrews and Fernandez’s murders.

Others were also arrested on various offences. The suspect, police held shortly after Monday’s double murder at Pelican Extension, Trou Macaque, was released yesterday around midday.

Hackshaw confirmed to the T&T Guardian last evening that while this new angle in the investigations is now engaging their attention, there will be increased police patrols in the area.

However, Fernandez’s wife, Krystal Fernandez, said that the police could do what they want that it would not bring back her husband.

She said, “No matter what the police do, Devon not coming back.” Krystal said her birthday was next week and instead of celebrating with Fernandez, she will now be planning his funeral.

Another of Fernandez’s relatives, who wished not to give her name, said he was a victim of his own innocence and paid for it with his life.

“Devon thought he was so innocent to everything that nobody will touch him. His mother, his father and his uncles warned him about working taxi in that territory but he felt that he could have gone . . . it was a measure of ignorance . . . nobody will have nothing on him because he is not in anything.”

Meanwhile, residents in the area are calling on the youths to focus their attention on a mural that is written on a wall obliquely opposite Andrews’ school—Success Laventille Secondary, which reads: “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God – Matthew 5:9.” The mural was painted courtesy the Ministry of National Security several months ago during part of its “I am a citizen” initiative.

Source: (T&T Guardian)

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