At a loss

Total shock!

This is how a Windsor Hill, St George family today summed up their feelings over the drowning of their loved one last Friday.

The lifeless body of 60-year-old Peter Boyce was pulled from the water by another sea bather who spotted him floating face down at Enterprise Beach, Christ Church.

However, it was only yesterday that the body was officially identified as that of Boyce, who apparently made an unexpected visit to the sea.

Today a very shaken Eudora Boyce told Barbados TODAY that the family was not only shaken by the news, but also questioned why her brother, who has a long history of mental illness, chose to go the beach for the first time in his life. In fact, the grief stricken sibling did not rule suicide as a possible cause of death.

Sister Eudora Boyce says she was caught off guard by news of her brother’s drowning death, especially since he was not one to go sea bathing.
Immediately following last Friday’s drowning, several persons who were gathered at Enterprise Beach expressed dismay over Peter Boyce’s drowning death.

“He never went to the beach before and I don’t know why he chose to do this now,” she said, adding that, “if he knew that his head was hurting him all he had to do was tell me and I would have taken him down at [Psychiatric Hospital] to the doctor to get treatment.

“All now I am still in shock because I really still can’t believe that this thing happen, it was really the last thing I was expecting hear,” she said, pointing out that no one knew when her brother left the shared family dwellings the day before.

Eudora also revealed that she had no idea if her younger brother was up-to-date with his medication, even though she said he was there was nothing out of the ordinary in terms of his behavior in the days leading up to his drowning.

“He never used to give any trouble to talk about, he was good man. He had the issue with his head but other than that you wouldn’t get any trouble. He was happy most days and me and my daughter and his other [siblings] used to always make sure that he got his meals. So there was nothing that I could see that could have been troubling him. So I don’t understand why he went and do this now to the family.

“Right now everybody is really torn up by what happened because we are all wondering if there was something we could have done,” she added.

Eudora also revealed that all her brother had was his family.

“It is really sad because he never had any children or wife, just us. He never really got to enjoy life the way normal people get a chance to do. I am just happy that he had a family that loved him and who tried their best to make him as comfortable as possible,” she added.

Meanwhile Police Public Relations Officer Acting Inspector Roland Cobbler told Barbados TODAY that they were aware of the deceased man’s history of mental illness but it was still too early to determine the cause of death.

“We are fully aware that Mr Boyce has a history of mental illness. At the moment we don’t suspect foul play but it is too early to make any judgments about his death. We still have to wait until we get the results of the autopsy,” Cobbler said.

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