Purse-snatcher jailed

A 37-year-old St Michael man, who claimed that his drug habit pushed him to steal a purse, has been sentenced to nine months at Her Majesty’s Prison Dodds.

Jason Omar McCLean, of Lewis Gap, Green Hill, St Michael, appeared before Magistrate Douglas Frederick in the No.1 District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court this morning charged with a number of theft-related offences.

McClean admitted to stealing a purse belonging to Natalie Springer, valued at $60 and which contained $27, on the December 6, 2016. He however pleaded not guilty to stealing six perfumes valued at $1, 262 from Cave Shepherd, Broad Street in March 2017.

The defendant was not required to plead to the indictable offence of entering the dwelling of Rosemary Placensia-Moreno, armed with the cutlass, and stealing $500 in cash, as well as handbag valued at $50.

In outlining the details of the 2016 incident Station Sergeant Cameron Gibbons told the court that on the day in question the complainant had her purse under her armpit when she felt a tug and turned in time to see the accused riding away on a bicycle with it.

In explaining his criminal action, McClean told Frederick that his drug addiction got the better of him and that at the time he would have done anything for his next fix.

However, the magistrate was seemingly not moved by McClean’s explanation, as he told the accused that his drug dependency was a threat to society and he therefore needed to protect the public by locking him up.

Frederick however showed some leniency to McClean because he had pleaded guilty to the offence at the first opportunity he was given to do so.

“This type of crime normally carries 18 months, but because you did not waste my time I am going to give you nine months,” the magistrate said.

He returns to court on February 5, 2017 on the charge pertaining to Cave Shepherd.

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