First Light in the east

It was evident from the long lines of traffic in Marley Vale, St Philip that the breakfast cooler party First Light was the place to be on New Year’s.

This marked the second successful run for the Limerz Cruise committee as hundreds of locals gathered with their coolers at the East Point Bar and Grill to see the first sunrise of the year.

The sold-out event was aptly capable of accommodating the increased number of patrons that came out as the organizers had expanded and reorganized the space to give partygoers more room for them and their crews to lime and party in comfort.

Aside from the rhythmic tuk band which was on the sidelines keeping the energy paramount, the deejay line-up kept the vibe going with their selection of popular dancehall and soca music from past and present years.

Local deejays such as Surfrat, known for his explicit and animated commentary, took it down a few notches but kept the crowd fully entertained with his combination of old and current dancehall hits. Meanwhile, New York-based deejay, Riggo Suave, did not disappoint bringing a delightful blend of soca, dancehall and NYC flavour to the St Philip grounds.

Other deejays who hit the stage included the ‘bougie block man’ Salt and Don, Hutchy and Sizz, DJ Lil Chris, DJ Psalms and the Shelldown team of Sheldon Papp and Level Vibes. They brought the party to a close around 11a.m.

Though enjoying the atmosphere, some patrons complained of poor sound quality. Those gathered at the right side of the stage and also at the back of the Grill said the sound system was inaudible and muffled throughout the day.

Nevertheless, the partygoers enjoyed the fete to celebrate the arrival of the New Year with some promising to return next year. 

Source: (KK)

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