‘Elevate-ing’ the New Year

The uncanny decision to host the fourth edition of Elevate Suit & Tie at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre due to the unpredictable weather, paid off for the promoters as patrons immersed themselves in the excitement of the New Year and started it off in style.

The theatrical fireworks display might have been missing, but its absence was successfully substituted with an enthralling lighting display by IMG Stage Lighting Inc. As the countdown to midnight occurred, there was a thunderous echo of ‘Happy New Year’ by the hundreds gathered at the all-inclusive event which was themed ‘Open Ball’.

In fine form, the decor of the venue was transformed into a classy and dazzling lounge and ballroom for the patrons gathered. It incorporated all the glitz and glamour that is associated with the annual New Year’s Eve party, as patrons came seductively attired in their Old Year’s fashions to celebrate and say their goodbyes to 2017.

However, the sold out party was slightly marred along the way when the fire alarm was triggered just 20 minutes before the New Year’s countdown. Thankfully, the issue was resolved within seven minutes without those gathered inside having to evacuate the building, but the entrance was blocked until the incident was resolved. The haze machine was identified as the source of the problem and rectified.

The deejay line up was a replica of last year’s with musical selections from New York-based deejay Riggo Suave, local deejays Daddy Bubbles and Evolution, Hutchy And Sizz, Ras and Chasey, Sheldon Papp and Levell Vibes, Scott Le Roc and Mali Fresh, Rico and Andwele, who led the party into the early morning hours of New Year’s Day.

Director of Elevate Entertainment Mario Greene was pleased with the turnout although the event sold out later than initially expected.

“We had to really push the venue to get people familiar with it and to feel comfortable enough that we would be able to execute that we are able to execute indoors. I think that once people wrapped their minds around that, along with the weather, that was a huge plus for us. We got the sales that we needed, it was a lot of hard work transforming the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre and I think our patrons really appreciated that,” he stated.

Greene suggested that going forward his team would be seriously considering lowering the prices of tickets to accommodate the financial constraints of patrons.

“Some patrons openly said, ‘we want to come to the event but in this economic climate, the price point is a challenging one’ and you as a promoter need to be guided by what your patrons are telling you,” he said. “We will go back and evaluate what is the real value for money proposition that we are putting to the patron and where does the patron see the value and then we will refocus and shift our product according to how they respond to what we do.” 

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