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In our lifetime, we’ve been fortunate to see the rise of the Internet, the advent of Facebook and an innovation called “podcasting” that has totally changed the game. Like every other innovation, it started slowly but has now exploded onto the market in the best possible way for business executives and entrepreneurs.

Think about it: the printing press by Gutenberg really didn’t gain popularity until decades after its introduction to the market. Television was also considered a luxury; and podcasting is still not as popular as it could be when it comes to media, but it is one of the gold mines of intelligence for anyone in business.

Podcasting began in 2003 and has since grown exponentially. From comedy to cuisine, there is practically something for everyone when it comes to content. Of course, the podcast got its name from a combination of Apple’s i-pod and the term “broadcast”. A huge amount of knowledge can be gained from listening to podcasts that are relevant to your business needs.

Whatever advice you’re looking for, believe me when I say that it’s out there waiting for you in the cornucopia of podcasting. Interestingly, I scanned the options yesterday and there is advice from experts across all levels of business. From purchasing real estate for your building to targeted reach via e-commerce, there is someone on the other end waiting to tell you all about it and walk you through the journey. Think of it as on-demand, informative radio, that is absolutely free.

It’s always a good thing to attend a business seminar when you’re the one leading a business, but sometimes you just don’t have the time or the money. This is where the value of the podcast comes in. At your convenience and without monetary cost, you simply tune in!

So, are you a bit suspicious about someone simply giving away free advice? I’m sure you’re wondering what’s in it for them! Don’t fear: podcasters earn their money via advertising on their platform. The more subscribers or listeners they have, the more advertisers will pay to use their platform.

While you may have sharp primary skills, such as knowing exactly when the market wants a sale or when to up the ante versus your competition, podcasts offer insight into secondary skills that you may not yet have or skills which are not as strong. Tune in while you’re driving, exercising or even lying in bed and gain valuable insight so that tomorrow you’re one step (or more) further towards your goals than you are today!

Source: (Veoma Ali is an advertising executive with a Ph.D in Communications and a Master’s in Business Administration)

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