‘My most memorable Christmas’

She was only in the world for 15 days at that point, our first baby, our one and only baby girl. Her brother would come two years later in the Spring. But on this day, Christmas morning, December 25th 2009, Sienna was the best Christmas gift we could ever hope for!

First-time parents Stuart and Belle with baby Sienna in Vancouver, Canada on Christmas Day, 2009.

As Stuart and I snuggled under the Christmas tree cradling our best production yet, I was overwhelmed with happiness and a feral reality of what life is truly all about.

That holiday season brought a lot of firsts – it was our first Christmas as husband and wife, our first Christmas in Vancouver together, our first Christmas as parents and our first Christmas spent with my family, of which he was now a card-carrying member.

We both stared down at Sienna with her big rosy cheeks and baby bald head, we looked exhausted and we were. That Christmas each time I looked at our new baby I fell in love with Stuart even more.

She was the first grandchild in both families, the Halls and the Holders. The Holders flew from Barbados and New York to be a part of this momentous Christmas.

We all came from humble beginnings and the one thing that our family matriarch, the late Laurine Holder, instilled in each of us was that once we have family love at our core and cleave to each other, it will always be the gifts that cannot be wrapped or the gifts that cannot fit under that tree that matter the most.


Source: by Belle Holder

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