Wax museum re-opens in Bridgetown

The creators of the Caribbean’s first and so far only wax museum highlighting famous sons and daughters of the region have been commended for their efforts.

Featured speaker at the official relaunch of the Caribbean Wax Museum at Norman Centre in Bridgetown, Director of the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES) Dr Don Marshall, stated that the museum’s creators, Art Edwards and Frances Edwards, “have embarked on an important mission, using the artistic aesthetic to document the political and historical contribution of a number of prominent figures in the Caribbean”.

In noting some of the figures represented, Marshall said “we can draw inspiration from the radical lyrics or lyrical construction that Lil Rick presents, or in the politics and imagination represented by Fidel Castro and Ernesto Che Guevara”.

He added that a renowned critic on wax portraits, Gabrielle Hobarth, examined the work the two artists had done, including at the time, the heads of Usain Bolt, Bob Marley and Castro, and said “she had never met artists so talented that they could sit with a photograph and do a three-dimensional head with the details matching and sometimes surpassing what could be achieved with a live model sitting before them”.

In his address, Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy called the wax museum “a serious project, which I think our young people can gain a lot from, since they will see representations of people with whom they are familiar, people they may not know, but through it all, gain a better appreciation of where they have come from”.

He pointed out that the world famous Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in London, which has since spread to other major cities worldwide, “started in a little shack somewhere”, adding that “I look forward to seeing the Caribbean Wax Museum taking up the whole top floor of Norman Centre”.

The museum first opened its doors along Maxwell Main Road in Christ Church earlier this year and the new Norman Centre location will be open throughout the holiday season.

Source: (DH)

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