New book celebrates contribution of Bajans in the US

Another piece of Barbadian history has been documented in pictures and words with the publication of a book Celebrating Barbadians in the United States of America.

The literature, which is subtitled Bringing Credit to our Nation Wherever we go, documents the life and work of several current and past Barbadian migrants who lived in, and have made a significant contribution to the development of the US.

Published by the Barbados Consul General in Miami, the 240-page publication is the second in what could be considered a series of publications. The first publication was titled Some Barbadian Canadians: a Biographical Dictionary.

Editor-in-Chief Evelyn Greaves said work on the hardcover book started in January 2016. It was hoped that the publication would have been ready in time for Barbados’ 51st anniversary of independence last November, but due to a number of setbacks, including a struggle to secure funding, the book was delayed.

It contains over 300 profiles of present and past Barbadians, including doctors, publishers, activists, sports personalities, politicians, judges and businesspeople.

Besides the biographies, the book also highlights significant dates in the history of Barbados, the national anthem, as well as facts about various aspects of Barbadian life.

Miami Consul General Joseph Hunte said it was not an easy task getting Barbadians to speak about themselves, adding that while the publication was in no way exhaustive, he was grateful for what was captured.

“Proceeds from the coffee table book will go toward supporting the hospice project at St Davids in Christ Church and to a scholarship fund established in South Florida for children of Barbadian heritage,” Hunte told the local official launch of the publication on Wednesday at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy welcomed the new book, saying it was very impressive and could be used as a “good networking tool”.

“One of the reasons tourism has associated with this is not only because of the genuine work it has in the true sense of the word, but if we talk about our diaspora helping to improve ourselves as a destination, that element of tourism that we would have done some work it, then it is important that we have a record of our citizens in these various source markets,” he said.

“This is something very good and very much necessary at this time,”  Sealy added.

Today, officials also revealed that work had already started on a publication to detail the contribution of Barbadians in Britain. There is also the possibility for a publication detailing the work and life of Barbadians in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

Copies of the book can be found in the national public library and at the Days and Cloisters bookstores for a cost of $100 each.

Source: (MM)

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