Man sentenced to 14 years for manslaughter

After pleading guilty to manslaughter earlier this year, 20-year-old Fachad Shaquille Cadogan has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for the 2014 stabbing death of 18-year-old Tristan Barker.

Madam Justice Jacqueline Cornelius handed down the sentence this afternoon to the Well Road, Wavell Avenue, Black Rock, St Michael resident, who was 17 years old at the time of the deadly incident.

The court heard that Cadogan and Barker were friends who grew up in the same community. However, the friendship became strained when Cadogan began to frequent different “blocks” and to acquire new friends.

The tension between the two apparently escalated over a period of time and on March 16, 2014 it came to a head as Cadogan approached Barker.

An argument broke out and Cadogan pulled a knife from his bag and stabbed Barker in the neck.

Cadogan then went home and broke the knife, placed it in a plastic bag and threw it over a paling near his home.

When police picked him up, he allegedly said that Barker had rushed him with a rock and that he was forced to use the knife to defend himself.

However, eyewitness Khadija Padmore said Cadogan was the aggressor that night.

Today, as she handed down her ruling, Justice Cornelius pointed to the aggravating factors, while highlighting the fact that not only was a dangerous weapon used but Cadogan had armed himself in advance.

She also acknowledged that the “level of force used was so great” that the knife went through one side of Barker’s neck and exited the other.

At the same time, she took account of the fact that Cadogan had shown remorse, had no previous convictions and had pleaded guilty to manslaughter at the earliest possible time.

He was therefore handed the 14-year sentence. However, given the 1,312 days already spent on remand, he only has ten years, four months, and five days left to serve in jail.

“[The court] hopes that you reflect on your actions during that time and enroll in any available .  .  . programmes in order to enhance your ability to obtain employment on your release from prison,” the judge told the young man, who was represented by Andrew Pilgrim, QC.

Principal Crown Counsel Alliston Seale was the prosecutor.

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