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The Barbados Volleyball Association is facing increasing challenges with funding but intends to maintain focus on its junior programmes, an area which has seen growth in recent years.

Acting president Kenmore Bynoe told Barbados TODAY the existing funding was used to supplement aspects of the national programme but the BVA was keen on ensuring the continued expansion of the juniors.

“Along the international line, we are going to maintain our focus on the junior programs because we are seeing tremendous development among the juniors,” Bynoe explained.

“A number of juniors are coming through and breaking into the senior team, and they are not only making the senior team but they are certainly excelling on the junior team, and that is the direction we are going to continue in for 2018.”

The Barbados side which won the 2013 Junior CAZOVA Championships.

Barbados have excelled regionally in recent years, with the boys side winning back-to-back titles in 2013 and 2015, while the girls team won silver two years ago when the tournament was staged at the Wildey Gymnasium.

However, Bynoe explained that when an 15-member national squads were sent overseas to compete, the BVA was required to find between $50 000 and $60 000 in order to finance the trip.

Bynoe said the associaton was also grateful for the commercial sponsors already onboard.

“Even though we are getting more funding from international body’s such as the Barbados Olympic Association, we have a variety of teams to cater to and the teams have to go and take part in regional and international competitions which would have a cost,” the long-serving volleyball administrator pointed out.

“We have been getting sponsorship to help us with the domestic competition and we are certainly happy with the support we have been getting from Goddard Enterprises Limited over the past fifteen year.

“Very often they [Goddard Enterprises Limited] would increase the sponsorship because they would have seen the benefits of associating themselves with volleyball. They would often increase the sponsorship without even we [BVA] asking them to increase it.”

The acting president also said they BVA were happy with the currently state of its various programmes, especially with the quality of junor athlete which was currently involved in the sport.

“We are getting some of the most brightest and talented young persons coming into the sport being that they are looking to gain scholarships, and they have seen the benefits of playing volleyball and getting volleyball scholarships to American universities and that certainly augurs well for the sport,” he noted.

“We are satisfied particularly at the junior level because we find more and more talented juniors coming through the programme. And we are getting the height that we need because volleyball is a tall person sport and we are seeing the talent coming through and obviously the senior team would benefit from the development of those juniors.”

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