Angry split

Couple’s year-long relationship ends on a sour note

An argument between a man and his girlfriend on Tuesday night has ended up in a bitter split and the couple being hauled before the court on separate charges.

Today, 50-year-old Stephen Christopher Maynard, of No 13, Chelston Avenue, Culloden Road, St Michael, pleaded guilty to assaulting Shavon Sharika Nakita Marshall on December 19, occasioning her actual bodily harm.

Marshall, of Apt 4, Phillips Drive, Pine Gardens, St Michael, also owned up to damaging a windscreen belonging to Carl Browne without lawful excuse, as well as a window belonging to Maynard. However, she denied unlawfully and maliciously wounding Maynard.

The couple, who was in a year-long relationship, was at Maynard’s house when Marshall reportedly began “ranting and raving” about finding a used condom and empty bottles of tonic wine.

This escalated into a disturbance during which Maynard admitted to slapping Marshall in the face in a bid to get her out of his house.

However, according to the prosecutor, Marshall retaliated by pulling a knife from her purse and swiping Maynard across the hand. She then threw a rock, which damaged Browne’s car before arming herself with another rock, which she used to break Maynard’s window.

After hearing the facts, Magistrate Douglas Frederick imposed the bond on Maynard, who was warned to be on his best behaviour for the next six months and to stay away from Marshall.

If he defies the order, he will have to spend three months at HMP Dodds.

In the meantime, Marshall was granted $1,000 bail. She returns to the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court tomorrow.

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