Christmas blessings flow

Telecoms company donates to three non profit groups

As part of its Christmas campaign, telecommunications provider Flow has presented $15,000 worth of Massy Store vouchers to the Barbados Cancer Society, the Prison Fellowship and the HIV/AIDS Food Bank.

In making the donations, Flow’s Director of Communication and Stakeholder Management Marilyn Sealy said the company was “committed to empowering and improving our community, especially those less fortunate than ourselves”.

She also explained that “instead of the classic grocery hamper, we thought it more prudent to place the purchasing power in the hands of the people who were most in need.

“It may be a small gesture but we hope to make a tangible and immediate impact on the lives of at least some Barbadians affected with cancer or HIV/AIDS and those children and family members impacted by the incarceration of their parents or loved ones,” Sealy added.

In accepting the donation on behalf of the Barbados Cancer Society, president Dorothy Cooke-Johnson said “the vouchers are a great idea because while a lot of people get a little extra at Christmas, the crunch really hits hard in the month of January, so when these vouchers go out it is going to be a God-send for our clients.

“They are going to be delighted at a time when they are really quite down and wondering where the next dollar is coming from,” she added.

Manager of the HIV/AIDS Food Bank Stacia Whittaker who also took part in the presentation,

along with Joycelyn Lawson of the Prison Fellowship, said: “The vouchers are a fantastic idea because we can purchase other necessities like disposable diapers and household items which we don’t usually ask for, since we try to focus more on food.”

She also pointed out that this was the third year that Flow had given such vouchers, adding that “it’s the perfect supplement for the food bank and our clients”.

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