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Williams Industries rewards its employees

For the past 20 years Williams Industries Inc. has been rewarding its longstanding employees by giving them shares in the company. And last night was no different as hundreds of staffers gathered for the annual awards dinner at the Almond Caters Centre in Hastings, Christ Church.

A total of 77 employees were gifted with 146, 250 shares, valued at $1.2 million.

Since the start of the scheme in 1997, approximately two million shares have been parceled out in this way, at a value of just over $16.5 million. This brings the total number of shareholders in Williams Industries Inc. to 523.

On Wednesday night awards were presented to staffers who have served between ten to 30 years with the company. Special awards were also given, including to the company with the most improved cash flow.

This year the John Hall Memorial Challenge Trophy was presented to Chief Executive Officer of Williams Industries Inc. Tom Hall and H&B Assistant Manager Jason Pinto for exceptional performance and going beyond the call of duty.

“I would like to thank all of our Williams Industries Inc. teams who are receiving awards and those who are not, for their continued hard work and support as we strive to do the right thing by conducting our business in accordance with our code of conduct. We pay our bills on time,” said the Group Chairman Ralph Bizzy Williams.

Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development Donville Inniss lauded the Williams group for its contribution to national economic development.

“[I want] to thank Bizzy Williams and the entire team of Williams Industries Inc. for the confidence they continue to [show] in the Barbados economy and the people of Barbados,” Inniss said.

“I believe that this company has grown from strength to strength because of the visionary leadership it has, the shared determination and intellectual skills and the risks taken by the leader Bizzy Williams. It is not often in our society that we are able to stand and celebrate individuals who have made such a sterling contribution to the economic development of Barbados as we have this evening,” he said.

More than a dozen companies make up the Williams Industries group, spanning a range of industries.

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2 Responses to Share joy!

  1. Saga Boy December 14, 2017 at 11:00 pm

    How much dividends are paid to employees annually? Why is it that employees are required to sell back their shares on leaving the company. Surely if you are sold shares one cannot dictate when you have to sell seems this is a rent -a – share company.

  2. archy perch December 15, 2017 at 4:03 am

    Saga Boy you are a genius. The Williams brothers own and control their company their way. I hope Buzzy’s wife keeps her head on and stack away some of those millions from that frail old man. Brown sugar is worth GOLD.


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