Not my drugs, maintains Small

A 35-year-old sand blaster has one month to pay the court a $750 fine if he wants to avoid spending time at Dodds prison.

Lawrence Ricardo Small, of Venture No.3, St John, pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis when he appeared before Magistrate Douglas Frederick in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court.

According to the prosecutor, police were on duty in the area of Pirates Cove when they saw Small and another man walking along the beach. They were later observed stashing something in the rocks.

During a subsequent police search, the illegal substance was found.

Small told Frederick that he had just returned from a safari tour when he saw a man with some other friends.

“I went across the beach and as soon as I got there is when I saw the police. They searched me and didn’t find anything, but found a Ziploc bag next to me and say it’s mine,” Small said, adding that he had only pleaded guilty because he did not want to waste anytime and would like the matter to be over and done with.

However, Frederick cautioned him that he should not plead guilty if that were not the case.

“I [am] pleading guilty Sir. The guy was there and ran off and I was sitting on the rock,” Small added.

If the accused man, who is known to the court, fails to pay the fine he will have to spend two months in prison.

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