Magic at the Ursuline

The Ursuline Convent’s play, Enchanted Wood, is a world class production from the acting to the stage right down to the lighting.

The production, staged on weekends for the last month, is a pantomime tradition at the private school. It has attracted hundreds of patrons who have packed the school’s auditorium.

The play is based on the book, Enchanted Wood, by beloved children’s author Enid Blyton and was adapted for the stage, with a touch of Caribbean culture and modernism, by playwright Toni ‘Acka’ Johnson.

Two hours long, the play is produced and directed by Rashida Brereton. With a cast of eighty children, it tells the story of a family of five: Joe, Beth and Frannie, three children played by Kyla Boyce, Jean-Marc Prescott and Aria Jones, and their mom and dad played by Modena Byer-Fraser and Anthony Evelyn.

The family migrates to Barbados after elections in the United States, only to discover the magic in an enchanted wood next to their new home and in a Magical Bearded Fig Tree at its heart.

Narrated by alumna Jolie Sacher, a natural storyteller, the children visit the wood and it is there the adventure begins. The three see a wicked gnome, played by Malachi Nelson, steal the last bit of magic that keeps the wood alive. They promise to help get it back.

Searching for the gnome, the children make new friends along the way like Silky and Moonface played by Zahra Spencer and Jasmine Sealy. Together they travel to Magical Snowland, Saucepan Land and many others, meeting different characters along the way.

They all work together to find the magic, a play on home and community and how important it is to preserve them.

The curtains will finally come down on the production fit for Broadway this weekend.

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