Four critical C’s . . . Lodge students urged to focus on a quality education

Students at the Lodge School have been told that they are four critical areas of education that they need to get in motion if they are to successfully manouevre the challenges of the 21st century.

Delivering the feature address at the school’s annual Speech Day and Prize Giving ceremony this morning, former Mathematics teacher at the Lodge School Deborah Lashley called on the students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers.

The IT specialist, who specializes in e-commerce and cyber marketing, also urged them to sharpen their communication skills, to engage in positive collaboration and to nurture their creativity and innovation.

“So to be a 21st century citizen we need to get this vehicle of quality education moving and we need to get the wheels in motion. These are some bearing nuts. They are from the United Nations. They are critical thinking and problem solving; communication; collaboration; creativity and innovation – collectively known as the four C’s,” Lashley said.

She also called for incorporation of the four C’s into the school’s curriculum, as this would assist students in navigating and managing the challenges which they are expected to face.

During her motivational speech Lashley also recited the first verse and chorus of The Mighty Sparrow’s popular song Education as she strongly urged the students to take full advantage of their learning opportunities.

The theme of today’s ceremony, which took place in the newly renamed Estwick and Glasgow auditorium, was Quality Education For All: Preparing students for the 21st Century.

Delivering his remarks, Principal Winston Dowrich expressed general satisfaction with the school’s performance in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate Examinations (CSEC) over the past two years.

After achieving a pass rate of over 70 per cent in CSEC in the 2015-2016 academic year, the St John-based learning institution achieved a 69 per cent pass rate in this year’s exam.

The most outstanding student in 2015-2016 was Johnathan Glasgow, who got six grade ones and one grade two, while Saffire Fields came out on top in the 2016-2017 academic year with six grade ones.

The principal was also quite pleased with Lodge’s performance in this year’s Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination, in which Christina Brereton came out on top with five grade ones, two grade twos and one grade 3.

He also highlighted the school’s accomplishments in the area of Food and Nutrition, pointing out that three Lodge students had made the regional merit list last year. They are Celine Branch, who placed first in the region, Alanis Clarke, who placed second in the region and Gabrielle Alleyne, who placed fifth overall.

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