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Harrison College students urged to strive for excellence

Harrison College students have been told they must be “committed to excellence” as they take forward their educational journey.

Delivering the feature address at the school’s annual Speech Day and Prize Giving ceremony yesterday, old scholar Kenroy Burke, while applauding the students, said many were clueless as to the true meaning of excellence.

Feature speaker Kenroy Burke.

“Excellence is about going the extra mile. If you are ever to be anything worthwhile to your society it will never be said because you decide to give just enough.  Those who give just enough are those are generally easy to be forgotten,” he cautioned, adding that “difference makers go the extra mile.

“They make maximum impact often times with minimum resources,” he stressed, while urging the students to “put the greatest effort into all that you do.

“If you half do anything don’t expect to get full results. Someone once said, be your best self, your authentic self, your highest self.” Burke added.

He also encouraged the students to be original in every aspect of their lives and to continue to put their best foot forward.

Maurice Walkes (left) who secured a Barbados Government Exhibition receives his award from Robin Douglas.
Barbados Scholarship winner Destini Lynch receiving her award from Robin Douglas.
Barbados Scholarship winner Karishma Karnani receiving her award from Robin Douglas.
Maela Hickling (left) and Kai Alleyne 11 CSEC Grade 1s.

Added to extra mile, he said, is extra style, while advising the students to do everything with extra style.

“Learn to add your signature to whatever you do. Your style separates you from the others and in the process you get to see your full potential. Be bold, be brave and be you.

“The world doesn’t need another Michael Jordan, Barack Obama or Donald Trump, the world needs all you can offer and that best from you.”

Burke also advised students that attitude was critical to success.

 “I have seen so many excellent minds fall by the way side and disappear from society largely because the attitude was wrong,” he said, while urging the students to “align your attitude and the results will come. Keep your focus because attitude will drive you to the next level”.

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    Crystal Haynes December 12, 2017 at 9:43 pm

    Robin Douglas

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    Sherique J Alleyne December 12, 2017 at 9:48 pm

    Big up the best principal in Bim #RobinDouglas

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    Consuelo N Richards December 12, 2017 at 10:05 pm

    Kyron Richards


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