On a high . . . QC boasts of ‘stellar’ academic performance

Queen’s College today highlighted the stellar performance of its students as it held its annual Speech Day and Prize Giving ceremony in its Husbands, St James auditorium.

Delivering his academic report, Principal David Browne said the school had performed exemplary in Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC)  and Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Level (CAPE) exams.

“The results at the CSEC level were quite impressive for the academic year 2016-2017,” Browne said, explaining that 165 students took the exam in 23 subject areas.

“Eight subjects gained one hundred per cent passes, four more than ninety per cent [and] the overall pass rate was approximately 90.2 per cent,” he said, adding that there were 726  passes at grade ones and twos.

“Across subject areas we secured 307 grade ones,  419 grade twos and 301 grade threes. I want to emphasize that a total of 726 passes at grades one and two is truly fulfilling our drive for quality academic success launched in 2012. Each student registered for a minimum of eight subject areas and almost everyone passed five or more,” he said.

The principal further reported that the results obtained at CAPE were even more outstanding as the overall pass rate was 98.1 per cent, with 15 candidates being awarded national scholarships and 11 receiving exhibitions.

The scholarship winners were Alana Applewaite, Gabrielle Farnum, Adara Haynes, Trè Hollingsworth, Nia Marshall, Emma McIntyre, John Hunte, Kamar Clarke, Joshua Jones, Hailey Laurayne, Dominique Bovell, Dominique Ellis, Zaria Layne, Tiffany Lynch and Shannon Boxill.

The 11 exhibition winners are Maisha King, Toria Small, Teri Williams-Niles, Shane Carter, Tia Mahon, Chantelle Bowen, Simone Jean-Marie, Emilee Mustor, Shanice Cox, Latisha Edwards and Aliyyah Boyce.

Browne also highlighted the performance of Queen’s College Alana Brathwaite, who received all grade ones at both Unit 1 and Unit 2 of CAPE, but was not awarded a Barbados scholarship as she is not a national of Barbados.

Featured speaker Wendy Lowe-Eastmond called on the school to embrace the latest technology, while suggesting that “flip classrooms”, which include the use of video lectures, be introduced. She said this would allow for more flexible learning and more efficient and effective use of class time.

Source: by Lashawna Griffith

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