C&W CEO stepping down

Cable & Wireless Communications ( C&W ) today announced that Chief Executive Officer John Reid will be stepping down early in 2018.

The company noted that it will provide an announcement on a CEO in due course and until that time, Reid will remain in the post and support the transition to new leadership.

CEO of Liberty Global, parent company of C&W Mike Fries said, “John has been an exceptional leader for us, steering Cable & Wireless through significant changes and transformation; we have valued John’s dedication and energy and wish him the very best for the future.”

Reid has been an industry leader for more than 29 years in Canada and for the past 13 years across the Caribbean and Latin America.

At Columbus Communications and then with the merger with Cable & Wireless, Reid played a key role in building the region’s leading full service communications and entertainment provider.

Most recently, John was also instrumental in the integration of C&W with Liberty Global, which is due to deliver $150m in synergies, as well as readying the company to be part of Liberty Global’s Latin America and Caribbean operation, which is due to be split-off next month.

During his tenure at C&W, Reid has driven the transformation of the business to focus on delivering an unparalleled customer experience leading to improved performance and efficiency, as well as the implementation of growth strategies for the Company’s mobile, residential, business and wholesale segments. In October 2016, Reid was recognized by leading intelligence source, Global Telecom Business, as one of the top five leaders from the Caribbean and Latin America in GTB’s Power 100.

Commenting, Reid said: “It has been a great privilege to lead C&W through the integration with Columbus and more recently with Liberty Global. With the planned split-off of Liberty Latin America, now is the right time to let new leadership take the business through its exciting next chapter. I am proud of what we have achieved during my tenure; with our focus on delivering an unparalleled customer experience starting to translate into performance momentum, and a talented new leadership team in place, C&W is ready for its next phase of growth.” (PR)


4 Responses to C&W CEO stepping down

  1. milli watt December 12, 2017 at 7:29 pm

    and the reason why this is news is because of what exactly…….I got laid off recently and I ain’t get no BT spot and I work for far less and need the exposure stupse

  2. Jerry December 12, 2017 at 7:32 pm

    I am sure he got paid a pretty penny for screwing the minority shareholders of C&W West Indies mostly old people by not paying them a dividend for the last 4 years while continuing to provide bad service to its customers racking up large profits and now paying the retained earnings over to the new owners who are paying a large premium for the profitable company and also undervaluing the value of the shares of the minority shareholders who are not parcipitating in the large sums paid out to the majority shareholders. A disgrace. Something is definitely wrong and I am encouraging all of the minority shareholders to join the Class Action Lawsuit and all West Indians to boycott the Company and express their indignation.

  3. 3rdsun December 12, 2017 at 7:36 pm

    It because of him that I loose my job

  4. Alex Alleyne December 13, 2017 at 5:12 pm

    Fell off the back of a truck………. New CEO coming with a plan. All front office ladies over 35 will be fired. I think this is age discrimination.
    They should come together and hire a Lawyer. A high flier one too , because none other will take the case cos them will be scared to go up against FLOW.


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