Man admits to having in ‘a few drinks’ before assaulting girlfriend

A 44-year-old man admitted to assaulting his girlfriend of 17 years when he appeared before Magistrate Douglas Frederick today.

However, Franklyn Curtis Carew, of Hill Road, Bank Hall, St Michael, said he could not remember “exactly what happened” on December 8, when he assaulted Shonette Lorde, occasioning her actual bodily harm.

According to Sergeant Rudy Pilgrim reports had been made to the police in the past of Carew consuming alcohol and being abusive to Lorde, who is the mother of his two children.

Lorde was watching television last Friday when an argument ensued after Carew exited the bedroom, which resulted in him hitting her on the head.

“I had a few drinks on Friday . . . I can’t remember exactly what happen . . . . I apologize, I accept [I was wrong] I am sorry,” Carew said.

However, Lorde who was in court, told Magistrate Douglas Frederick she was fed up with her partner’s behaviour and wanted him to move out as he had an anger management problem.

“My mother lives around the corner from me and when he starts to act out I go there and breeze out, but I can’t take it anymore. He is a miserable person,” Lorde said when asked how she had managed with him for the past 17 years.

Carew, who returns to court on April 20, has been ordered to undergo counseling following a recommendation by a probation officer.

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  1. Andrea Hall December 12, 2017 at 1:58 pm

    I want to share a story to Shonette and others.

    There was a beautiful young lady who never stand for nonsense. To be she was a person who would always represent herself physically. But but I do not know what happened to her at the time of the severe beating.

    The last blow to the head was it, now she does not even know me and others. She was beaten by a mangoose (not a man). She fell down in town and that is how it all started. In and out of hospital by blows to the body especially her head. So…………. decide.

    17 years or 7 days. You deserve better.


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