Protect your brand! . . . Ex-student returns to Alleyne School with powerful message

Students of Alleyne School are being encouraged to protect their brand.

Delivering the feature address at the school’s Speech Day on Thursday, past student and CEO of J&T Bank and Trust Inc. Derrick Cummins warned that “managing the Alleyne brand was not solely in the hands of the principal or her team, but the work of everyone that falls under its umbrella.

“Moreover when you go to work for the brand, the brand goes to work for you,” Cummins said in speaking on the theme Respecting the Brand – Power of the Past, Force of the Future.

“When you wear the Alleyne colours, the public associates you with Alleyne, so when you walk you are colouring the Alleyne brand, when you talk you are tuning the brand, when you dress you are garnishing or stripping the brand and with your deed you are writing the story of the brand,” the past student said.

He further cautioned the students that “whenever you present yourself, that is brand management”; therefore they needed to determine what they wanted to be known for.

Cummins also advised them that managing their personal brand was important and that they must not to let past mistakes define them.

“The past is very powerful. It can shape you and guide you, but you have to make a decision in remembering the past; will I be inspired or disillusioned, motivated or dismayed?” he said, while urging the students to summon the power of past to propel their purpose.

In her report, Principal Julia Beckles echoed Cummins’ sentiments with respect to branding.

“At Alleyne we will continue to inspire our students to build, promote and respect our brand, Aliis non Sibi, for others not self; a brand that has been in existence for 232 years,” she said, while hailing the school’s contribution to national educational development. 

Source: (KH)

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