Hunte has the Kreativ Edge

From an early age Christina Hunte knew she was someone special.

As a child she had her heart set on being a doctor, but deep down she had business on her mind.

Her plan was to be her own boss as she practised medicine.

However, fate had slightly different plans for the bright, young student, who can now boast of being an entrepreneur, having launched her own business, Kreativ Edge, in October 2014.

“From the time I was very young I knew I wanted to open my own business.  I wanted to have my own private practice as I wanted to be a doctor. That didn’t work out but being in the marketing world I wanted to create a business to help entrepreneurs be able to market themselves better because we have so many talented entrepreneurs,” the former student of Harrison College and the University of The West Indies told Barbados TODAY.

Kreative Edge offers businesses a range of services, including social media marketing, graphic design and photography.

Christina said services such as the ones she offers were critical for businesses, particularly at a time when several small operators were shutting down shop partly due to a lack of marketing and strategic planning.

“Unfortunately, we see so many closed across the island because in part they did not do enough marketing, or they didn’t do enough strategic planning, so eventually people stop going to these businesses and they eventually die, and I don’t want that to happen to our local businesses and I believe in pushing entrepreneurship. So I want to help by providing marketing services in Barbados,” she said.

Despite having her heart set on medicine, Christina had developed a love for art and designing.

Drawing and painting seemed to come naturally to her, even at primary school, where she won several awards for her work.

She later blended that passion and creative skill with her love for marketing, which is reflected in the name of the business.

“I definitely wanted to have something that said the words creative for a couple reasons. I knew that I had something to offer not just to Barbados but the world as well in terms of my creativity and my ideas. So I didn’t want the name to say one particular service because I knew at some point I would want to do more things,” she said.

So far, her journey into entrepreneurship has been a learning experience, which she willingly shares with would-be entrepreneurs, whom she advises to seek the helping hand of a mentor.

“You can have the most wonderful ideas and the biggest dreams but if your mind is not in the right place you can get distracted. The mentor will help keep you on track.”

Christina particularly enjoys working with entrepreneurs in the creative industries. She sees the sector as a major growth area for Barbados, but laments that it is often undervalued.

“Being around different artistes, you always get the complaints that the government don’t support the arts in Barbados and then there’s the fact that the people don’t support our artistes enough,” she observed.

Underscoring that the sector had much untapped potential, she stressed that it was not only up to Government to boost creative industries, but that all stakeholders had a part to play.

“I believe that the government can’t solve all of your problems. I believe collectively we can put our minds together to do things to push artistes in Barbados,” she stressed.

To contact Christina Hunte you can add her on Facebook at Kreativ Edge.


Source: by Lashawna Griffith

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