Dame Selma’s lesson to Foundation

One of the country’s brilliant surgeons has returned to the school where she received a solid foundation to encourage students to allow the learning institution to help them realize their potential.

Dame Selma Jackman yesterday delivered the feature address at the annual speech day and prize-giving ceremony at Christ Church Foundation, the secondary school she attended many years ago, and urged the students to grab the opportunities that the school presents them.

“Will you let Foundation help you find the gifts you have been endowed with and develop them, or will you opt to squander your opportunities and end up with a life of regrets?” she asked.

“Find your passion in life then work at it and allow us the generations preceding you to know by your choices that you value the sacrifices and the investment of our time, energy, prayers, tears and our hard earned cash, our investment in you.”

Dame Selma, who was knighted Dame of St Andrew at the 2016 National Independence Honours, and who was conferred with the honorary degree of Doctor of Science by the University of West Indies, revealed that school influenced every aspect of her adult life.

“At school one of the maxims was that excellence was within the reach of all, we just needed to apply ourselves, you practised until the quest for excellence became second nature to you,” she said.

“Why are you here? It is merely because you have been sent as required by the laws of our land, or do you have a purpose?

“Is it because you understand that one day you will be the adults shaping the world and you need to prepare yourselves?”

She also focused on technology and the countless possibilities it brings, advising the pupil that it would serve them well to be digitally literate.

“You have the challenges posed by technology and globalization, the effects of a rapidly expanding world population amid diminishing resources, so you will need to be well versed in digital literacy and to learn how to use your creative imaginations to build your world into what you want and what it needs to be,” she said.  



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