Sizzla’s advice for the youth

Sizzla Kalonji was one of the many acts that set the bar at Kensington Oval Saturday night with a dynamic and spirited performance at this year’s edition of Hennessy Artistry.

From Be Strong to Mama I Need You, Sizzla had the large audience captivated with his positive messages and good vibes. He also took the opportunity to address the gun violence in Barbados and encouraged the youths to pursue their education to ensure themselves a better future.

“If we are not educated, we are not going to be able to lead our future. We are going to be doomed to extinction and other people are just going to have us in servitude and push us around like animals,” the Jamaican artiste said in comments to the media after his performance.

“[Education] is the basic foundation, the basic ingredient for our societal development,” he stressed.

The benevolent dancehall artiste emphasized that in the face of increasing gun violence and poverty in the region, young people needed to be shown there are better alternatives to crime and they also needed to be embraced by society rather than abandoned.

“We should still try to show the youths love and try to reach out to the youths and go much deeper in the society, deeper in the ghetto,” he said. “Reach out to the ministers and the leaders of the country [and] those people who can manage to reach out to the kids”.

Stressing on the importance and the benefits of education, Sizzla stressed that those who are uneducated “will have no space in this . . . era”. He suggested that those who are involved in criminal activity should be educated and given opportunities.

“To those people doing bad stuff just educate them and give them some sense of inspiration, give them some hope,” said Sizzla, adding that the islands across the region should learn from each other’s mistakes.

“Find something better fi do! Gun and thing a leave, we bigger than this, [we are] too rich to be poor,” he accentuated, using his Jamaican dialect.

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  1. seagul December 7, 2017 at 12:44 pm

    It is the understanding that your love, your hate, anger everything arises out of your mind. Music, at its essence, is what gives us memories. And the longer a song has existed in our lives, the more memories we have of it. Let’s listen to the message of the real leaders…roots.


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