Real vibes on the beach

Dancehall artiste Popcaan was the heavy hitter Sunday night at Artistry on the Beach, the closing event to a thrilling weekend of Hennessy Artistry.

The Jamaican artiste, whose real name is Andrae Sutherland, was the headlining act and the most anticipated performer by the hundreds gathered at Pirates Cove.

There was a mad rush to the front of the stage after 11 p.m. as the Unruly Boss was introduced by veteran Jamaican deejay Tony Mattehorn.

As he graced the stage singing Bad Inna Real Life, the excitement dramatically rose throughout his 35-minute set, as he reeled off hits produced during his nine-year career.

Party shot, Nah Friend, Only Man She Want, Controlla and Feel Good were some of the tracks that had the throngs gathered fired up and chanting Unruly Boss.

Popcaan had the females in the audience in a tizzy with his mischievous smile and charming performance of Falling In Love, Junction, Ova Dweet and Addicted. The males were not to be left out either as both sexes waved their hands and sang along to singles such as Gangster City, Dream, Unruly Prayer and Nah Idle.

The sizable crowd was unwilling to leave the venue even as Popcaan closed the show around 12:20 a.m. with Everything Nice. Reluctant party-goers could be found loitering saddened to see the end the festivities.

Coming from the British Virgin Islands, B’More, real name McKenzie Baltimore Junior, was the other regional act for the night. An unfamiliar face to the local audience, his singles Take Over and T.G.I.S (Thank God It’s Summer) were well received by the crowd.

During his set, B’More actively interacted with the patrons who slowly warmed up to the artiste and started dancing and singing along to the catchy hook of TGIS.

The young party-goers were in a frenzy when local rapper Rico Maserati came onto the stage. Singing Charlie, Brother to Me, Regardless and Dreams Money Can Buy, Maserati had the females in a trance with his vocals. He also used the Artistry on The Beach stage as a platform to address the issue of gun violence and urged those gathered to focus on building a future than on silly quarrels.

The bashment soca artistes contributed significantly to intensifying the high energy . Opening the show, Scrilla got the crowed amped with Wood, Dirty Bend and Playing With My Head.

2017 Bashment Soca King, Stiffy had the party goers in an uproar and ‘bending over’ to a medley of his songs which consisted of Mavis, Tip and Ben Ova, New Money, Squat and Girl Stick It.

Marzville, who had just arrived in Barbados from Canada, also gave a lively performance. He did Bam Bim, Gas It Up and Give It To Ya.

The vibe and the energy were kept upbeat due to the array of local, regional and foreign deejays that were present. They included DJ Riggo Sauve from New York, Tony Mattehorn and King Ghetto from Jamaica.

Local deejays included DJ Ras and Chasey, Scott Le Roc and Mali Fresh, Hutchy and Sizz, English and Maniac, Lil Paul and Infamous.

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