Delightful Hennessy Artistry . . . Hennessy Artistry scored high with most patrons despite a number of low points during last Saturday night’s show.

The FAS7STAR and Hennessy production, in association with Yello, featured a cast of entertainers that attracted thousands of patrons who packed the Kensington Oval venue to see what they had to offer.

Of the international acts, Tory Lanez was first out the gates.

Lanez, whose real name is Daystar Peterson, told the audience he felt great to be in Barbados especially since he has family residing in the island. He added in an interview with Bajan Vibes afterwards: “Most don’t know but my grandfather is cricket legend Sir Garry Sobers”.

However, when contacted, a spokesman for the management team of the national hero, Phillip Serrao, said Sir Garry only has two children and Lanez is not a child of either of them.

When Lanez took to the stage, he gave a performance that resonated well with the ladies. His popular track LUV,  a remake of the dancehall song Everyone Falls in Love, brought screams from women. Beside this song and his remake to Drake’s Controlla, his repertoire was clearly not very familiar with the audience as most patrons just stood throughout the performance.

Some even said they felt shortchanged that the chart topping Lanez lip synced for most of his set, heavily supported by vocal stems.

It was Just One of Those Days when Sizzla Kalonji made up for any short fall by the previous act when he hit the stage with his distinct style of ad-libs. The 41-year old Jamaican had the crowd singing word for word to his hits like Thank You Mama, Give me A Try, and Dry Cry. Even home-girl Rihanna, the guest of honour in the VIP Pavilion, was dancing along to Sizzla for his almost hour set.

If you guessed Jamaican reggae icon Beres Hammond was next, you were right. Uncle Beres, as he is affectionately known, shouted for his Barbadian family the whole night. His hits including I Feel Good, Rockaway, No Disturb Sign, Can’t Stop A Man left the crowd chanting for more after his hour on stage.

His accompanying band did justice with arrangements that transitioned into each song flawlessly. His background vocalist also looked and sounded the part.

Hammond proved exactly why his status is legendary when he hopped across the stage in his ascot cap, giving the audience hit after hit. He even mentioned on stage it has been too long, since he was able to give a performance as seen on Saturday night in Barbados.

Up next was Mavado who was a day too early, as patrons felt as if he was more suited for Hennessy Artistry on the Beach. Though he evidently gave of his best, his best was not good enough for a demographic that wanted to dance the night away.

It felt like forever just after ten minutes of his hour long set. The dancehall artiste could not compete with Uncle Beres who arguably should have closed the show. Many patrons left soon after he started and did not wait to see the end of the show minutes after 4 a.m.

Local orange hair songbird, Nikita, was the opening act starting the show at 10:05 p.m., blending her hits Same Way, Carry Festival and Tequila with a medley of Rihanna’s songs. She did an extremely great job backed by the Riddim Tribe Dancers even though the crowd was small at that hour.

Fadda Fox was next and warmed the crowd with his 2017 Crop Over hit Good Ole Days. He then took the audience down memory lane with Ducking and Boat. Lil Rick, though not in his usual element, still captured the audience with an all new remake of Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow. He exited stage-left, after his usual wuk-up whilst singing Advantage to Me.

Vayne of Slam101.1 FM and Peter Coppin of Hott 95.3 FM were hosts of the show. Though they kept the audience engaged, the duo felt like chalk and cheese. At one point, Vayne boasted her place of employment was the number one station in Barbados, leaving Coppin with a speechless expression on his face.

Overall, the promoters should be commended for their effort as a show of this magnitude is not easy to produce.  

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2 Responses to Delightful Hennessy Artistry . . . Hennessy Artistry scored high with most patrons despite a number of low points during last Saturday night’s show.

  1. Tonny B. Grant
    Tonny B. Grant December 7, 2017 at 1:24 pm

    Now this article seems more accurate.Compared to that other writer who is clearly a Mavado fan.

  2. Ms Sad December 7, 2017 at 2:15 pm

    Well due to leaving early since Movado was not my thing I was robbed by gunpoint leaving the show! !!! So although Lil Rick, Suzzla and Beres performed commendably as always. … it really was not worth my time!!!


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