Brand name heist

Teen admits to stealing brand name purse and cellular phone

A pre-sentencing report has been ordered into the life of a 19-year-old man who today pleaded guilty to a theft charge.

When Miguel Peter Nathaniel Mayers, of St Stephens Hill, Black Rock, St Michael, first appeared before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant on August 14, he pleaded not guilty to stealing a Calvin Klein purse worth $120 and an iPhone worth CND$600 belonging to Hila Jazayeri and was released on $1,600 bail.

However, today he returned to court in the company of his attorney, Dr Waldo Ramsay, and owned up to the offence.

According to the prosecutor, Jazayeri was at Browne’s Beach with her boyfriend on August 13 when they were approached by Mayers and another man.

The couple subsequently went into the water and it was at that time that Mayers took up her property and escaped onto Nelson’s Street.

Police subsequently received information that Mayers was on “106 and Park” on the same street. However, by the time they got there, Mayers had fled the area, but was quickly captured.

Today his attorney requested that a sentence be imposed that would not sully his clean record.

“He is 19 years old and still can’t explain why he did what he did, but he has sincerely apologized for his actions,” Dr Ramsay said.

Asked by the magistrate to explain his actions, Mayers replied: “I do not know what happened to me at that moment. I am sorry.”

He returns to court on February 16.

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