St James North and St Peter bridge the divide

It was billed an event for every member of two adjoining constituencies in the north, but a family fun day held yesterday at the Warleigh All Saints playing field had the colour red all over it.

The event, organized by Member of Parliament for St James North Edmund Hinkson  and the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) candidate for St Peter Colin Jordan, sought to bridge, at least for a day, what Hinkson said were the two “unnaturally divided” communities.

“The communities border each other. Ashton Hall is shared,” Hinkson said at the event, which both politicians said was not restricted to supporters, but was a community affair.

Hinkson described the separation mark of the two communities as “an artificial boundary line which doesn’t do justice to the fact that there are family links on both sides of this district”.

The BLP legislator said that he had been mulling the idea of joint activities to illustrate the district ties, so “as soon as Colin became the nominated candidate for Barbados Labour Party I told him before elections we should have a joint fun day within the communities of this district”.

The BLP nominated Jordan as its candidate in St Peter after the departure from the party of sitting MP and former Prime Minister Owen Arthur, who has quit that party, and who has said he has no interest in running again for office.

“We have to be able to provide this kind of activities for our constituents, our communities to keep the social cohesion together.

“We all know that in this day and age a lot of young people have lost hope in their future, in whether they can get through and advance themselves socially, economically in this Barbados of today,” Hinkson said, while going on to state that “we believe that as politicians it is our duty to provide that hope, outlet for meaningful, lawful creative activities within families, friends and communities”.

Jordan said “the intention is to bring families together and communities together because we recognize that the basis of the society is the family.

He said that with the exception of food and drinks, which were on sale, all the play and assembly facilities were provided free of cost.

 “We’re investing in the community because we recognise that there is hardship,” he said, while contending that parents were finding difficulty in paying for their children to engage in wholesome activities.

“Even the clubs here at Whitehall with young people, a lot of the parents cannot afford the subscriptions but they want their children involved because they recognize it is an avenue.

“And we are encouraging, through this activity, that participation. We recognize that it is tough on people.”

In spite of the family friendly atmosphere yesterday, the St Peter cricket team showed no mercy to the St James North players defeating them by 70-runs in a friendly match.

Following the usual fun fair activities of children slides and jumping castle, eating, drinking and chatting, some participants wound down with an entertaining Zumba session.

Source: (GA)

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