Former Erdiston teachers immortalized

The Ministry of Education has moved to immortalize eight educators who made a sterling contribution to the training of the island’s teachers over the years.

In the presence of some of the stalwarts and the relatives of others, the ministry has renamed newly renovated buildings at the Erdiston Teacher Training College after the eight, whose specialties ranged from science to physical education.

The teachers include Errol Best, a science specialist, who has had the facility’s science laboratory renamed after him; the late Dr Chamberlain Colin Hope, whose name has been affixed to the main lecture theatre; and the late Vere DePeiza, the former music teacher after whom the learning cntre has been named.

In addition, the college’s recreation centre has been named after physical education specialist, the late Adrian Kirton, the teaching complex has been re-christened in honour of art teacher, Dorothy King, while its first female principal, Maureen Lucas, has had the library named after her.

There is also the Glenville Blackman Resource Centre and the Lloyd Wood Centre for Professional Development.

Minister of Education Ronald Jones, who came under the tutelage of all the stalwarts when he attended the college in the 1970s and early eighties, spoke of their influence on all who studied there,

“These teachers ensured a holistic approach to education was practised here at Erdiston, and influenced the lives of many student teachers who passed through this institution. They were all different, but had a single focus, which was to transform persons from what they are into the best teachers that you can find anywhere in the world,” Jones said.

The minister also sought to appeal to students who might have dropped out of school, stating that, “there is a tutor out there who is willing to help you come back, learn and become a part of this modern world”.

While Jones did not disclose the cost of the renovation, only stating that it was a “mullti-million dollar project”, he said in the coming financial year the dormitories on the western side would be upgraded, and the section of the main building that was damaged by fire a few years ago would also be rebuilt.

Meantime, Lucas, who spoke on behalf of the honourees, said all they wanted was to produce the best teachers who would provide top quality education.

“When the eight of us walked up the steps of that main building to work here, we had no thoughts of seeking to achieve any acclaim for our work. We wanted to ensure young people were being taught by highly skilled teachers second to none anywhere. Beyond mere pedagogy, we endeavored to help our students build character and self-actualize and immerse ourselves in this goal,” the former principal said.

Source: (DH)  

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