Printing mix-up forces MP back to the House of Assembly

A blunder that caused the Cultural Industries Development Act not to be printed in Government’s Official Gazette caused some legal hiccups for the administration.

The failure to print the Act in the Gazette even after it was proclaimed meant that the actions of the Minister, the Cultural Industries Development Authority and its board did not have complete legal cover.

In this connection, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Stephen Lashley moved the Cultural Industries Development (Validation) Bill 2017 this evening in the House of Assembly to validate the actions of the authority since its establishment three years ago.

In his presentation to the House today, Lashley noted that more than 400 cultural industries professionals had registered with Government’s Artistes Registry to ensure that they benefited from various aspects of the Cultural Industries Development Act.

Lashley told the House there were now 403 profiles on the register and this was an important avenue for artistes of every kind to get their names and work to the world.

The Christ Church West Central Member of Parliament also spoke to the incentives available under the legislation.

“There are incentives which govern film which were designed to ensure that there is a developmental focus for film producers in Barbados.

“We did not go the route of immediately offering incentives directly to international film producers. The incentives were offered to local film producers . . . . so, if an international producer who wishes to access the incentives under the Cultural Industries Development Act will have to do so by partnering with a local film producer,” he noted.

Lashley also used the opportunity to tout the success of CARIFESTA which was staged in Barbados in August, explaining that it opened doors for many cultural practitioners who established contacts with international buyers selected by the European Union-funded Caribbean Export Agency.

As he led debate on the bill, Lashley said six local visual artists had been invited to Art Basel, a premier arts fair in Miami, as a direct result of CARIFESTA, while four local fashion designers were selected by the Italian Federation of Fashion and will be featured in a number of magazines.

Lashley also reported that local singing group G Syndicate was in discussions and could be signed by an international producer if talks were successful.

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    Lashley also used the opportunity to tout the success of CARIFESTA



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