Chocolate thief claims he was misunderstood

A 68-year-old man must stay out of trouble for the next 12 months if he wants to avoid spending six months at HMP Dodds.

Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant imposed the suspended sentence on Clarence Wilfred Haynes after he pleaded guilty to stealing three chocolates, worth $5.25, belonging to Dollarwise Incorporated.

Haynes, of no fixed place of abode, entered the store on December 2, took up the items and joined the line at the cashier.

He then left and returned shortly afterwards to join the same queue, but the chocolates were no longer in his hands.

He was approached by security who asked him where the items were and he replied that they were in his pocket, but not without a valid explanation.

“I had $42.20 in my pocket. A coin dropped and I put the chocolates in my pocket to get my money, all the time I am standing in line,” Haynes said, while claiming that the security guard had misread the situation.

“I had the money and the chocolates . . . and he grabbed me and told me I was stealing, . . . but I was not aware of the concealment law,” Haynes, who is known to the court, said before the magistrate handed down the sentence.

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