Barbados hailed as a small state that has made a big impact

Secretary General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Ambassador Irwin LaRocque has lauded Barbados for its achievement of 51 years of political independence from Britain.

In a message to the Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, LaRocque described the island as “a small state which has made a big impact on the world”.

He also said that regional integration had benefitted from the unwavering and valuable involvement of the Government and people of Barbados, as evidenced by its commitment and guidance to the completion of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy.

“The outstanding leadership displayed most recently in the successful hosting of CARIFESTA XIII in August 2017, despite having to brace for the passage of Tropical Storm Harvey, was one of the countless occasions when Barbados demonstrated its profound sense of community and its deep commitment to the Community,” the Secretary General said.

LaRocque also noted there was hardly any field of human endeavour in which Barbados had not distinguished itself on the global stage.

“This occasion is, indeed, cause for celebration as Barbados has grown from strength to strength as a nation. There is hardly any field of human endeavour in which Barbados has not made a mark on the global stage. It has justly earned its reputation as a small state which has made a big impact on the world,” he said, in saluting the accomplishments of the island since independence on November 30, 1966.

5 Responses to Barbados hailed as a small state that has made a big impact

  1. Jus me November 30, 2017 at 8:21 am

    CARICON is like Mr. La
    Rocque, a huge confidence trick.

    CARICON allows substandard overpriced goods
    To be foisted on the working class of the countries that comprise this joke .

    Guyana can sell us 300 dollars a ton rice
    for 600 dollars.
    Trinidad simply calculates the price we would pay for goods non CARICON , including all penal CARICON protectionist duties then reduces its prices 5 per cent to be “cheaper”

    We get no benefit from.CARICON apart from.the pleasure of seeing our ballooning foreign exchange deficit, line the pockets of all those who maintain and support this.raping of Barbadians income.

  2. louis walker November 30, 2017 at 8:38 am


    Aint that a shame.
    No one to blame or bad-mouth I suppose.

  3. Belfast November 30, 2017 at 2:12 pm

    Are we still punching above our weight, or blindly shadow boxing?

  4. Tony Webster December 1, 2017 at 4:58 pm

    The Ambassador’s perfunctory ego-massage, is understandable…but quite unrealistic. Certainly, we used to punch above our weight. We used to be, the object of some respect, and even envy.
    I am currently in Grenada, where by mine own eyes, garbage is collected daily, entirely by state-paid, private contactors. The roads are in waaaaaay better condition, than our own. I fact, I have seen one (one ) pot-hote, in two weeks. I catch a ZR ( here, a mini-bus), to St. GEORGES, FROM Gouyave, for EC $4.50. These are clean, well-maintained, have well-dressed and polite conductors, and I haven’the heard a single note of JA dance-hall “stuff”. I could go on, but rest my case.
    We have lost our way….Mr.Ambassador, and your flowers do nothing to mask the smell of effluent. Yes, I’m just slipped out.

  5. hcalndre December 4, 2017 at 6:02 pm

    Where is Irwin LaRocque from and where is he stationed? He is speaking like he is siitting with Freundel at Ilaro Court and having some big drinks which got his head confused.


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