Not so fast, Mia!

Very disturbing!

That’s how former Prime Minister Owen Arthur has described the position taken by Opposition Leader Mia Mottley in relation to the appointment of a Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and other high level Government officials.

Addressing the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry here last week, Mottley expressed concern that certain key appointments were being made in the “dying days” of the Freundel Stuart administration, while serving notice that if she were elected prime minister in the upcoming elections she would not be prepared to be bound by any decisions of this nature taken by the current Government.

“I can only say to you that having discussed it with my colleagues and the chairman as recently as Sunday, we cannot seriously consider ourselves bound by any inopportune or improper decision made in the dying days of this administration that will extend its protection to people who ought not to be protected. I say no more,” Mottley said at the time while listing the offices of the Governor General, the DPP and the Central Bank Governor among key posts that were crying out to be filled.

“These are all posts that are either in the Constitution or serious posts that will affect the quality of life and the quality of decision-making in Barbados. Now if people only allow the Opposition to be the only voice on these matters, then the Government will fill them with impunity and you will be stuck with whomsoever they chose,” the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) leader said at the time, adding that the consequences of that would not be easy to fix since they would affect the condition of life and the options of an incoming Government in a serious way.

However, Arthur has taken umbrage to Mottley’s position on the grounds that Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has until June next year to call an election and that there is nothing standing in the way of his administration seeking to fill the key vacancies.

“Firstly, there is no law that says that you cannot make the appointments, but there is also no law that says that you should not be bound by appointments once they are properly made,” Arthur said.

However, he said what was most disturbing for him was the implications of Mottley’s statement in relation to the Office of the DPP, which he said was insulated under the Constitution from any form of political interference.

“In relation to the appointment of a Director of Public Prosecutions, neither Ms Mottley nor any prime minister of Barbados has an authority in the matter under the Constitution of Barbados.

“The Constitution is specific that the Director of Public Prosecutions is appointed by the Governor General after consultations on the advice of the Judicial Services Commission
. . . so that the Constitution is drafted in such a manner to give a prime minister of Barbados absolutely no say in the appointment of a Director of Public Prosecutions even though that prime minister, by the same Constitution, could have a say, by way of advice to the Governor General in the appointment of the Auditor General,” Arthur pointed out.

While stressing that the law was so drafted to give the public the confidence in the work of the DPP, he emphasized that the post must be shielded from political influence.

“So for Mia Mottley to now feel that [even] if under the Democratic Labour Party the law is followed as to how a DPP is appointed, that she can now come and say, ‘I’m not bound by it’, would be to plunge Barbados into a constitutional crisis affecting citizens’ ability to feel free from political interference, such that in my judgment, would disqualify her fundamentally from holding the office of prime minister in this country,” Arthur said.

“She has to feel that in every matter, where it is explicit, respect and uphold the Constitution, he stressed, adding that “this is not an ordinary departure, this is a fundamental matter and may I say it does not stand alone”.

The former BLP leader recalled that in the lead up to the last election Mottley had publicly laid claim to having the right to say who the BLP candidate in St James North should be even though, he said, the leader has no such right under the party’s constitution.

Arthur has therefore called on the Opposition BLP “out of respect for the Constitution to let the public know that under no circumstances would a BLP prime minister offend the Constitution with malice afore thought in doing what the Constitution says he or she can’t do”.

Contending that the matter was too fundamental a matter to be ignored, he accused Mottley of ascribing to herself powers that are unconstitutional, adding that “if that doesn’t disqualify someone from becoming prime minister, then I don’t know what will”.

During her address to the Chamber Mottley had also served notice that it was the last time she would be addressing the business community as Leader of the Opposition.

However, in response, Arthur suggested to Mottley that in her feverish pant to become Prime Minister, “she would do well remembering that one of the most outstanding and extraordinary politicians in the history of Barbados, a man called Richie Haynes, I suspect didn’t find favour with the public because he appeared as if he wanted to be prime minister of this country too bad.

“Let the matter come to you,” he advised the St Michael North East Member of Parliament, who previously served as his Deputy Prime Minister in his Cabinet.

“I believe that if the country was allowed, in my view the country would make the Labour Party the Government and Ms Mottley the prime minister, but I would think that it is best if it is addressed in a graceful way and it is not something that people seem as though they want too badly,” he said.

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  1. TooNice November 29, 2017 at 2:25 am

    Mr Arthur in your constant attempt to destroy Ms Mottley you are trying to Mislead the public. Firstly, the lady wasn’t trying to challenge the constitution that already exist. In order as I know you know but so blinded by hate. If the Government of the day chosen a GG that will do its bidding then the GG will appoint a DPP that will do the same so In order to correct one you have to correct all. What is so wrong with making these things independent from politicians. Secondly thou jealous one, to say it is the last time as opposition leader does not imply greed what she is simply saying is that whatever is the will of the people she will not be back as opposition leader. You are way too wicked, if she had stated that the next time she addresses the chambers it will be as PM then you can do your song and dance against her. You seem to think that Barbadians have short memories and have forgotten your actions. You so hate the lady that the very things you were guilty of you now try to pin on her. The citizens of this country like myself do admire your ability. I still think you are the best PM we ever had but hatred is getting the better of you. You so envy that lady, it will kill you to see her before the GG being accepted as first female prime minister of Barbados. She is not as vindictive as you so rest assure she will take care of your legacy.

  2. Saga Boy November 29, 2017 at 2:33 am

    Owen knows Mia like no other and he knows she is bad for Barbados. Let her present her certificate. Until then she is a fraud. She put her foot in her mouth once again. She speaks and then think. What is it she has been offering as an alternative? Even Solutions Barbados has some realistic alternatives.

    • Leroy November 29, 2017 at 3:53 am

      Owens hatred for Mia is evident and any judgements on her by him are such tainted.
      The pm appoints the gg and the gg apooints the dpp, do you follow logically Saga? How can anyone suggest that the dpp is not influences by politics?

      Mia never said anything unconstitutional, if stuart appoints or infuences an appointment mia will disappoint said persons and instruct constitutional change 20/30.

      Anything else Saga?

  3. MARIA Holder November 29, 2017 at 6:13 am

    Director of Public Prosecution – Prosecution is the key word. With that in mind there is only one realistic choice for the post, but I will watch and wait.

  4. Mark Adamson November 29, 2017 at 8:38 am

    What ignorance about somebody hating Mottley what!!!

    The truth of the matter is that for the umpteenth time this WORST, POOREST, WEAKEST BLP leader EVER has shown what a very big, political buffoon she is.

    What inanity about somebody hating and jealous of Mottley what!!

    Just like how recently she was on radio recently blurting out that one man (Mark Maloney) cant get all the contacts (government), as if one man can really possibly get all the government contacts, and had therefore committed a faux pas, this raging, rampant political buffoon has for the umpteenth time committed a faux
    pas in suggesting that a prime minister has the power to get the
    rid of a GG or DPP once they are appointed to such positions.

    Just like how at a BLP meeting in Top Rock, Christ Church, last year, when she compared DLP supporters to SEWERAGE coming
    out of the malfunctioning South Coast Sewerage Project, and had
    shown how staggeringly unintelligent she was in making such
    comments even against her political opponents, she has – for the umpteenth time, shown how stunningly uninteligent she is, this time, about how the constitution is structured in relationship to such appointments and their terminations.

    The fact of the matter is that no matter how the GG, DPP, are appointed under the constitution of the government of Barbados,
    and there are ways set out in that document in which they are to be appointed, a prime minister of Barbados, once they have been so appointed, does not have any power to remove them, and for
    the very political reasons that Mottley has insinuated that they
    may be appointed – for partisan political reasons.

    Also, Mottley also showed an element of unbridled confusion in what she was reported to have said to the gathering at the
    Chamber’s luncheon.

    For, having suggested that an incoming prime minister is not bound by such previous appointments made under a former administration, Mottley is reported to have also said: “now if people only allow the Opposition to be the only voice on these matters, then the Government (the DLP) will fill them with impunity
    and you will be STUCK WITH whomsoever they chose”.

    For a BLP leader, such schizoprenic comments are appalling and irrational and does show again that Mottley is ABSOLUTELY and TOTALLY intellectually and politically unfit to be any prime minister of any government of this country.

    • andy g November 29, 2017 at 10:24 am

      anything she say is gosple to the blp supporters. if she show them a breadfruit and say it a mango they will believe her. she is a very intelligent person,but this is poli-tactic. Richie Haynes had said he was the second most powerful man in Barbados. she is acting as though she is the most powerful person in barbados

    • Carson C Cadogan November 29, 2017 at 9:04 pm

      Well said Mark.

      This woman is a danger to Barbados in more ways than one.

  5. Greengiant November 29, 2017 at 9:17 am

    Owen has been given the opportunity once more to expose Mia’s weaknesses, and her thirst and hunger to fill the historical space with the Mottley clan of having a Prime minister. To have the first female Prime minister would make it even sweeter for their history.

    Her utterances to the BCCI recently too, has exposed her lack of legal frameworks within the constitution of Barbados. This further makes me question her qualifications or legal training. Any member of the Queen’s Council will have knowledge of constitutional law, and would defer from such statements made by her.

    I’m sure that some impartial members of the very BCCI have made special note of these selected utterances by the opposition leader, and will bare them in mind for the future. To promise, consider, think about or even mention attributes of destabilisation will be to threaten the very fabric of future investment by the said private sector.

    Oh Mia, I trust you have by now reflected the folly of your ways.

  6. Adrian Hinds November 29, 2017 at 12:50 pm

    Owen did not expose Mia’s weakness. Mia is weak and she makes it clear for all to see when she speaks as she did on this issue of appointments. Somebody needs to remind her that Barbados is not the United States and she is not the U.S Senate President who refused to honour the Judicial appointment to the US supreme court of the then outgoing President of the USA. This woman spoke passionately about “disrespect for institutions” as phenomenon that can befall Barbados and here she is suggesting that as PM she will not be bound by laws and conventions. Really now.

  7. Donild Trimp November 29, 2017 at 1:39 pm

    Is Mia Mottley losing her marbles?

    How can someone wanting to become PM make such amateurish statements?

    The office of the DPP should not be tainted with political interference.

    Get your marbles together Mia, you are making too many elementary mistakes.

    • Carson C Cadogan November 29, 2017 at 9:05 pm

      Does she really know the Law?????

  8. Ossie Moore November 29, 2017 at 2:29 pm

    Lord mek peace Owen! Talk yuh talk!! Like Joe Tudor would sey “Ah like yuh talking ways”!

  9. Sylvan Greenidge November 29, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    It is always enlightening to reads the words of Mr Arthur. It must be hard for him as it is for so many of us to have endure the mouthings of this political Rambo as she seeks to tear down every pillow of Barbados stability. I am of the view that her recent attack on the office of the DPP and her desire to ambush the constitution to make it possible to put her own person in place may have more to do with the fact that it is the DPP who would be called upon to bring criminal charges against her for practicing law without the required LEC and LLB.

  10. Malcom King November 30, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    The present Government one of the most incompent and paralyzed ever. The PM gets no respect from the big 3. Barbadians cant allow this to continue. Changes to the system must be made. They have to limit the term of PM to two terms. The PM should not hold a ministry dealing with the following: Security, Finance, Revenue. Any contract over 5 million dollars must be debated in parliament. Any elected official who stole or took bribes the money should be clawed back and their pension forfeited. Stop the give away of Barbados Treasure. Declare the entire coastline a national park. Stop all private beaches, yes there are de-facto private beaches. Station Ambulances at fire Stations this woudl enable them to reach the caller faster. Fix the dissaster known as QEH. Evicit people who dump their parents at QEH and then occuppy that persons home. Stop the Gun trade. Make it a mandatory 1 year in Dodds for anyone found with a gun. Ban the walking around with a cutlass. They ban fatigues even a wallet. Get serious with PSV’s reckless driving, over crowding and loud vulgar music. Most of thase actions would not cost an additional penny but would improve QOL. Government workers in Barbados are the most non productive i have ever seen. Time for a change but the BLP must also change needed is new blood with progerssive ideas. A no nonsense Court Systen backed up by a strong well disciplined Police Force. Now is the time.


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