No permit

A 30-year-old vendor has been barred from selling items in public places.

Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant issued the order on Makonen Amani Grant, of Kings Village, Holders Hill, St James, today after he pleaded guilty to offering juices for sale on Swan Street without the necessary permit.

Police approached Grant yesterday on the popular City street and asked him to produce his permit.

“I getting something sort out,” he allegedly told the officer at the time. When asked to give his name and address, Grant refused to comply.

He also refused to leave the location when he was asked by the officer to do so.

“You could just call for back up because I ain’t moving from here,” he reportedly said in response to those orders.

In the docks of the No.2 District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court today Grant, who is known to the law courts, explained that he had applied for a permit, which he has been waiting on for the past three years. He was also adamant that he did not blatantly disobey the policeman’s directive to leave the location.

“I told him I have three coolers and I have to get help. So I told him if he need me to leave he will have to call for back up. It’s not like I was doing something fully illegal,” Grant explained, adding that he still had to look for money, as he had to pay child maintenance.

Cuffy-Sargeant reserved her decision in the matter but ordered Grant to present the court with his permit by January 31 when he will also know his fate.

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  1. luther thorne November 30, 2017 at 1:51 pm

    You havre to cooperate with the Police. If they say move, move. If they ask for your name , give it. Sympathy and Business dont mix. I can understand your challenges but the best thing when confronted by the Police answer their questions, state your pisition but obey their directives. If you argue they will take you to Court.
    The thing with the permit is taking too long 3 years. It is ridiculous ! but please cooperate with the Police or sell your juices from home or walk up and down but as soon as you stop in one place the Police will try to hammer you and you know hard the Police is on small people. They got some establishments that owe the Treasury millions of dollars but you would not see anyone arrested by the Police. The Auditor General reports that millions of dollars are missing but nobody will be confronted by the Police . But a man selling lil juices to help support he and his children can end up in court. I am so affected by this that I am here crying to see that whenever Black People try to a lil something all kinds of permits and thing get in the way. Not that the guy did not apply but he probably does not know anybody or he is not in position to bribe any official. This is so sad that it has me in tears . To think that this 51st Independence Day and I am reading this and crying for this guy. I really feel for him. He would have spent money trying to make some money to face his obligations to his children who are future citizens and leaders of the country but he ends up in Court. SAD! SAD ! SAD!. I really feel for this guy. Sorry to get so emotional but this hurts me deeply. We have to take care of our people because if they are uncomfortable , we are uncomfortable. This thing hurts me . Cant hold back the tears. I really feel for this guy. It hurts!


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