DOMINICA – Skerrit warns students ‘sacrifices will be necessary’

(Dominica News Online)

ROSEAU – As Dominica continues to reel from the effects of Hurricane Maria, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, has warned students in Trinidad that some sacrifices will be necessary as they continue their studies.

He said Dominica has been through a very tough time since the hurricane but promised the students that the government will do everything to assist them in completing their studies.

“I anticipate that you have had some serious challenges and are understandably concerned about the weeks and months ahead. I do not wish to go off making fair promises at this time, but I want to say to you that Dominica needs an educated workforce now, more than ever and that the government that I lead will do all in its power to assist you in furthering and completing your education,” he stated at a function on Saturday.

The Prime Minister told the students that they should not worry about their parents back home.

“They will be alright. We are committed to rallying together and working to fix Dominica. I want you to focus on your studies and graduating on time,” he stated.

He stated that some sacrifices are going to be necessary and some adjustments have to be made.

“I am here to say to you also, that sacrifices will be necessary,” he remarked. “No Dominican, at home or abroad, can resume and continue life as if September 18th did not happen.

“Therefore, I want you to consider the adjustments you can make at the personal level, to minimise the strain on your parents and on the government.”

He added, “Think of the cuts you can make in your spending and in your socializing. I know this is Trinidad and Tobago, but the time for partying and fun will come, when once you are qualified, working and able to afford such. For the time being, please let’s contain spending to essentials.”

Skerrit said to the students the government wants them to succeed.

“Rest assured that the government of Dominica is committed to you attaining your education. We want you to succeed. We will work with friends and well-wishers here in Trinidad to minimise your inconveniences and needs, but in the final analysis, the government of Dominica will take full responsibility for your being here and will assist as best we can…” he said.

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  1. pat November 28, 2017 at 9:14 pm

    government pays for the students?


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