‘Worker’ admits to stealing on the job

A 27-year-old man, who appeared in a Bridgetown court for the first time, has to complete 150 hours of community service if he wants to keep his criminal record clean.

Wayde Nickolai Chavelt Nicholas, of 4th Avenue, Alleyne’s Land, Bush Hall, St Michael, pleaded guilty to stealing $1,900 belonging to Andre Seale on September 27.

Seale is the owner of a pastry shop located at the Bridgetown Mall and Nicholas was in the habit of assisting with chores at the establishment.

However, one the aforementioned date, Seale placed his takings in a plastic bag, secured the money, and stashed it in the cubbyhole of his car.

Later that day Nicholas requested the keys in order to remove items from the vehicle and subsequently returned the keys only for Seale to discover the money missing the following day when he went to retrieve it.

Remembering that he had given Nicholas his keys, he sent messages via Whatsapp to the accused requesting his property. However, it was not recovered and Nicholas was arrested.

Nicholas did not give a reason for his actions when he went before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant. However, he revealed that he and Seale were “trying to work out an arrangement, but I appear here”.

He told the magistrate that he was willing to repay the money but needed time to come up with the funds.

If Nicolas fails to pay the monies within four months he will have to spend six months at HMP Dodds.

He also has to complete his community service by January 25.

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  1. Helicopter(8P) November 25, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    Good graciousness Andre you are definately too trusting in these times. Knowing you for a life time I know you are such an honest person you would not believe what other persons do ! We wish you well and may the good Lord send you back your losses ten fold by His mercies!


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