Cash on the move . . . Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union introduces mobile banking

The island’s largest and oldest credit union is taking its services to those who are unable to come to it.

The Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union Ltd (BPWCCUL) has officially unveiled a $1.2 million state-of-the-art mobile banking truck, which it will take to events at schools and community centres, as well as other activities across the country.

President of the Board of Directors Raphael Holder the credit union intended to disrupt the local banking sector, and the introduction of the mobile branch was one of the innovations that would make it more convenient for its over 86,000 members to access its services.

“While we can celebrate being the first to present this concept, our achievement is rooted in the disruption of mainstream, and our quest to fully represent indigenous interests. Our history of such disruption is a part of our organizational DNA and we will continue our path of dynamism,” Holder said at an unveiling ceremony at the BPWCCUL’s Belmont Road, St Michael branch, adding it was also designed to meet the demands of the newer generation

“As the necessary legislation evolves to accommodate contemporary trends there has been a distinct shift from weekday operations to a 24-hour economy and our group of companies intends to lead the way in transforming the financial services landscape. This mobile branch is part of the innovation to impress the dynamics and service excellence, which requires rapid response and availability outside the realms of traditional channels,” Holder said.

The mobile unit will offer a range of services, including the opening of new accounts, automated tellers, loans and queries, as well as charging station, free Wi-Fi and wheelchair accessibility.

Branch Operations Officer Elridge Benn said the decision to introduce the mobile banking service was taken after extensive research and feedback.

“What was important to us was having a unit that is practical, accessible and with a high level of security and can stand the test of time. Our research looked at the changing needs of our members and the improvement in technology.

“The mobile unit will give the credit union the cutting edge over our competitors and create a unique convenience for our members,” Benn said.

The branch officer also hinted at future plans for credit card services stating, “we must still fight the fight for our members where we can offer them credit cards and be able to offer corporate accounts. Until such time, this journey will continue”.

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