Colombia and UAE support regional disaster relief efforts

In the wake of one of the more devastating Atlantic hurricane seasons in recent years, at least two of this region’s first response agencies have been guaranteed new financial support.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Senator Maxine McClean made the revelation in the Senate on Wednesday as she spoke on a resolution to abandon the compulsory acquisition of land at Weston, St James, where flooding destroyed seven houses and caused the death of popular calypsonian The Great Carew back in 1995.

“As we speak about flooding, even though we have been lucky so far during the current hurricane season, we would have seen severe destruction in the region, which has generated a lot of discussion, but has also generated a lot of support,” she said.

“I am happy to indicate that through the lobbying efforts of myself and my colleagues that while we have to pay attention to the affected islands, we have the regional bodies who might not have been financed properly, for example the Caribbean Disaster and Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) and the Regional Security System.

“Following our discussions,  a number of countries have pledged to support them. For example, the United Arab Emirates will be providing CDEMA with US$300,000, which will cover education as well as relief efforts, and the Colombian government has also pledged US$50,000,” McClean said.

Back in September hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated countries in the northern Caribbean with Dominica and Barbuda being the hardest hit by the powerful storms, listed among the worse ever on record.

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