Meet Adaeze, the “Vibe Architect”

Adaeze calls herself a vibe architect as she is heavily involved in every aspect of her creative journey. Whether it involves writing, rapping, producing, mentoring, editing and/or development building, she seeks to create positive vibes.

At 27, Adaeze has already gained some recognition as a talented rapper, producer, mentor and also curator of Face Depression. In a wide-ranging interview with Barbados Today, she touched on many things – an explanation of the term “Vibe Architect”, her relationship with Lavalamp upcoming artiste Kris Fields, her retirement from Honey Jam, and the rebranding of her social media campaign.

BT: You described yourself as a Vibe Architect. How did the term come about?

Adaeze: That term came about by chance through an interview I had with Gine on Magazine with Empress Zingha. She was like “What are you? Are you a musician, a producer, a poet or a rapper? What is it? And I just said I am a Vibes Architect.

 BT: What does the term mean Vibe Architect mean for you?

Adaeze: For me, that means that I have my hand in everything and I enjoy doing a bit of everything because as much as people say you can’t or you shouldn’t and that you should focus on something. My understanding of Vibe Architect is whatever it is that I do, I [am going] to use my personal energy to create a vibe that is appropriate. It doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s film, music, graphic design. I am just about vibes. I just want people to feel something. [I want them] to feel a [sort of] energy when they consume anything that I am a part of.

 BT:Your music can be defined as feel good music as it has positive messages. Was that a decision you made when you decided to brand yourself as an artiste?

Adaeze: That just happened organically. I think it is very much a part of who I am just in general. I think I have told people before that the reason my music is the way it is , is because it is the music that I need to hear at the time. The messages that I am putting into it are messages that I feel I need to hear. Sometimes I go through something and coming out of it is a song. For Example is a song I wrote to encourage myself. So, it’s for me and then I let everyone else hear it. The positivity is something that I need in my personal life, so it ends up in the music.

 BT: Due to the songs being more for your upliftment, is it hard for you to detach yourself from your music?

Adaeze: A part of me is always in it. So, I can’t completely detach. So if I am writing for another artiste in pop, for example, that is not a part of my brand but the messages that I put into it or the flow that I might put into it, that is very much a part of me and I don’t think any artiste realistically can completely outreach. Whether you are an artiste or not, we are all multiple things. I didn’t feel a need to detach as I feel I can be multiple things.

 BT: You announced this week that you will be resigning from Honey Jam. Why is this?

Adaeze: I started doing Honey Jam since 2012. I auditioned and I didn’t get in. But at that time, I was developing an artiste who is now known as Ch’Ann. At that time, I was developing Ch’Ann and she was in Honey Jam, so I was still going to all of it, attending the workshops and getting her prepared for that and she killed it. After that, the next year I was invited to perform and since then they have invited me to either perform or be on the song writing or industry panel So, I have been involved for a long time. And I feel that I am at a point in my career where there are other things that I want to do, where I need to let what has been, be and move on full steam ahead into other things.

 BT: You mentioned development of Ch’Ann, but now you are working with Lavalamp and Selecta Charts artiste Kris Fields with his song Falling. So how did the collaboration come about?

Adaeze: Kris Fields is with Lavalamp media group with Diggz the producer who is doing amazing work to me; he is killing it. Diggz hit me up. He said I have this artiste, I have this track and I would like you to direct the music video for it. And when I heard the track, I felt like I could add to what they were doing. I started to work with them a little bit to help them put out the song as best as they could. We will see where that relationship goes.

 BT: How long were you developing artistes?

Adaeze: From 2011, I was developing artistes and at that time I didn’t know what artiste development and management was. It was just something that I was doing, and I helped artistes to be successful at that before I came back to Barbados. So, it is something that I’ve been doing a long time. I feel like I have honed the skills from doing it for another artiste and myself throughout my whole career. Everything that people have seen me put out is stuff that I have conceptualized, I produced, I’ve written, I’ve done the graphics, the website, the directing, the music video, editing the music video, literally everything.

 BT: Not only are you heavily involved in music, you are also the curator for a social media campaign Face Depression. What is the campaign about?

 Adaeze: First, just let me explain that Face Depression is a social media campaign at this point and we just want to raise awareness to what depression is, pretty much an environment to let people know what people know what depression really is, the signs and what are some of the things you can do to manage your depression and then also tell stories of people who have other mental health challenges to come in and tell their stories, so they don’t feel alone. We have some relationships with mental health professionals in Barbados so that when they say ‘oh we need help’, we can refer them.

BT: You mentioned that you would be rebranding the page. How will you be going about this?

Adaeze: I am also rebranding to be more inclusive of everything in the region, ultimately that is our plan. In fact, there is a need for it and such a hunger for the information and discussion that it would be ok at this point to open it up.

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